About us

Photo by Lucie McAdams

Photo by Lucie McAdams


who are we?

Brighton Girl is a community open to all women in their 20s and 30s finding their feet in Brighton, with over 2000 members on Facebook.

We run a whole host of events bringing the Brighton Girl community together, from monthly drinks and coffee meet ups, to music, comedy and cinema trips and a tonne of other ad-hoc hangouts organised in our Facebook Group. We also host talks, panel events, workshops and clothes swaps, too.


Mission Statement

Brighton has the power to be all encompassing, often drawing you to venture to the pebbled beach alone. Some days you’ll look out to sea celebrating how far you’ve come, some days you’ll be searching for guidance. In that sea-gazing moment of establishing what’s lost and found, let someone else be your clarity, your champagne glass or your shoulder to cry on. Let Brighton Girl be your guide.

About the City Girl Network

The Brighton Girl community was created in March 2016, helping girls across the city find the housemates, travel companions, business connections and new friends to help call the city 'home'. The idea quickly grew to other cities, sparking the creation of the City Girl Network in March 2017. We're now based in Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Bath, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Berlin and San Francisco. If you know anyone in those cities, please let them know! You can find out more information over on the City Girl Network website.