6 Brighton And Hove Cats To Follow On Instagram

If anyone knows me well, then you’ll know I’m obsessed with cats. I spend most of my spare time looking after people's cats, cuddling them and taking photos of them, and when I’m not doing that I am stalking photos of cats on Instagram. My Instagram feed is now full of cat pictures, so I thought I would share 6 Brighton & Hove cats I follow on Instagram. Don’t worry if you’re furbaby isn’t included in these 6… I follow so many now that this will become a series (much to the amusement of our editor, Anna.) I also follow a lot of dogs too - here's my list of dogs to follow.


Jericho is a 4 month old British Shorthair who is getting bigger and bigger by the week. He’s even starting to lose his kitten fur (nooo!). Jericho doesn't like baths (but I'm yet to meet a cat who does...) and likes to wear his mum's bras when he thinks she's not looking. I think we can adopt Jericho as a fellow Brighton Girl as one of his favourite things to watch is Queer Eye, and from what I've heard, Queer Eye is a pretty big deal. Let's face it, it must be good if Jericho's watching it!


Beryl is a gorgeous 2 year old Lilac Shorthair. I had never heard of a Lilac Shorthair before Beryl, but my goodness, they are cuuuute! Beryl is a kitty safely in our hearts as she is originally a Northerner. Yes, Beryl was born in the best northern city - Sheffield - where both Pippa and Imogen went to University. This has to be a sign that Beryl deserves to be in this list!

Whilst Beryl is enjoying her new seaside town (whilst of course, dreaming of the steel city), she likes to dance to the backstreet boys (who' doesn't?!) and watch Love Island. In essence, I feel like Beryl is the cat version of me, and I really want her to be my best friend.



Monster Munch is a tabby residing in Brighton who is a bigger football fan than you'll ever be. He claims to be better than Butland, Pope and Pickford.. and, well, I believe him.. because I heard about Monster Munch way before I recognised any of those names. When he's not tucking into Camden Hells lager, or resting after a stressful penalty shoot out, Monster Munch likes to play with bubbles and chew through internet cables. Monster Munch sounds like that one friend everyone has who you know you can have a crazy time with after a few beers!



Betty is our favourite Brighton Landlady. You'll find her checking your ID in The Office at the very heart of Brighton's North Laine. Honestly, she will know instantly if you're underage or if you're just trying to steal a packet of cheese & onion crisps. I wouldn't mess with her if I were you. After she kicks you out, she will be sipping on her favourite drink - a Gin & Tonic. I wouldn't try and fight her though, she's recently been sporting a few bandages - but you should have seen the other guy!



 When Marco isn't whipping your ass at Mario Kart, he'll be destroying your new favourite jeans... honestly, when it's quiet, you should be worrying. Marco is so cute, he can get away with it though! I can imagine Marco is already on his way to becoming prime minister, because he managed to convince his owner to do the Brighton Marathon and then wore the medal afterwards, and if that's not talent.. I don't know what is. Look out for this chap, he's the next big thing!

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Rory is a clever cat who has dreams of being an escape artist. He breaks out of his cage after being taken to the vets, but we all know he's on to the next big thing... a bank heist! Sorry for scuppering your plans, Rory, I've just announced it on Brighton Girl Mag. As part of his disguise he plays with very affordable toys, brown paper bags, and cardboard boxes. Well he can't let the cops know that he's partial to a lambourgihini and a rolex watch can he?!

There you go, the first 6 cats to be listed in this series. If you have a cat you would like to be mentioned in the next article - email us at: hello@brightongirlmag.com.

This article was written by Imogen. You can also contact her about your cat on @ikb612 on Instagram. She would love to follow your furbabies!