10 picks for the British Science Festival

The British Science Festival is coming to Brighton, featuring hundreds of incredible and widely-varied science-focused events and talks all over the city from Tuesday 5th to Saturday 9th September. With so many things to choose from, we’ve picked out our top events with an emphasis on subjects that concern women in particular or are led by women.

Deepen your scientific knowledge, learn something new, support women in science and have fun!


LGBTQ legislation: a measure of progress?

Tuesday 5th, 3-4pm, Westlain 100, University of Brighton

Introducing legislation to address LGBTQ inequalities is often seen as a measure of a progress, but it is only one step we can take to improve the quality of LGBTQ people’s everyday lives. Kath Browne discusses her research bringing academics and activists together to examine what makes life liveable for LGBTQ people in India and the UK.

Women in science: changing culture, improving diversity

Tuesday 5th, 6-7pm, Grand Parade

The lack of women studying and working in science, technology, engineering and maths has long been seen as an issue. What can universities do to help combat this through institution culture change? Hilary Lappin-Scott will explore some of the issues, barriers and challenges we all face. There will be a networking reception following the talk.


Being young in the age of perfection

Tuesday 5th, 8-9pm, Grand Parade

We are bombarded with messages about physical standards of ‘perfection’. Pressures to conform can lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as excessive gym use and dieting, use of unnecessary supplements and misuse of illicit drugs. Take part in the conversation and discover how education, regulation and culture can contribute to supporting vulnerable young people.

Clean eating: the new diet revolution

Wednesday 6th, 8-9pm, Grand Parade

The latest kid on the dieting block is clean eating. What is it and why has it proved so popular? Geneticist and TV presenter Dr Giles Yeo and the editor of BBC’s Horizon, Steve Crabtree, will be in conversation about diet fads over the ages, the health implications and answering questions about the latest trends.


A future divided?

Thursday 7th, 12.30-1.30pm, Attenborough Centre, University of Sussex

Nobody is born with prejudices, but from an early age, children express preferences for members of their gender and nationality, hinting at the divisions that plague mature society. Harriet Over will discuss her research on the psychological origins of prejudice and reflect on how this work can help us design research-led interventions to reduce the prevalence of this social problem.

Fertility and egg freezing: what should women be concerned about?

Thursday 7th, 7-8pm, Old Courtroom

Dr Emily Grossman is in her late 30s and earlier this year she decided to have her eggs frozen. Now, they are in a freezer in a clinic in London. Share her personal journey and join Emily and fertility specialist Vivienne Hall to discuss the realities of egg freezing and the issues and options for women. You can read our interview on egg freezing with Emily here.


Late night woman’s hour with Lauren Laverne

Thursday 7th, 8-9pm, Grand Parade

Lauren Laverne and a panel of guests including Sue Black and Sarah Kember discuss the challenges and opportunities for women in science and technology. Come along, ask a question and share your experiences. The event will be recorded and broadcast on Radio Four to mark Ada Lovelace day.

Out thinkers

Thursday 7th, 8-10pm, The Marlborough

Out Thinkers serves to showcase the talent of LGBT+ researchers, providing a platform where people can talk about their scientific work while truly being themselves. This Out Thinkers event will feature a range of phenomenal speakers talking about their research and experiences as LGBT+ individuals in academia.

Pregnancy: has the conversation moved on?

Friday 8th, 11.30-12.30pm

Explore the wonderful world of British pregnancy magazines from the 1950s-1990s. Magazines were a major source of information for parents about pregnancy, birth and beyond. Tania McIntosh delves into what they said, how they said it, and what it meant for parents.


Brighton Pier Takeover

Friday 8th, 5-10pm, Brighton Palace Pier

Experience science on the seafront as researchers, artists and entertainers amaze thrill-seekers at the iconic seaside attraction. From pop-up experiments and games to interactive installations and cabaret acts, there will be something for everyone at our pier extravaganza.

Written by Sofaya.

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