10 reasons why The Walrus is the Brighton Pub for everyone

Stepping into The Walrus feels a little like you're walking into Narnia. What you expect to be a standard Brighton bar - a limited space with a focus on food, drink and some music during peak festival times - is actually a multi-purpose venue.

Spread over four floors, The Walrus has so many entertainment purposes that you really have little reason to leave. 

It's no secret that we love The Walrus. We've hosted meetups, had multiple business meetings, used it for post-event drinks and are beyond excited to have our Fundraiser Gig with QM Records there tomorrow night!

Every time we go there, we discover another reason to love it.

It's the Brighton pub for everyone: the drinkers, the non-drinkers, the foodies, the sports fans, the music promoters, the big groups, the daters, and, of course, for social networks like ours. 

For anyone who struggles to figure out which pub to go into, these are 10 reasons why The Walrus really must be on your list - in any and every situation.

1. Their food menu options are vast, allergy friendly and taste delicious.

the walrus food brighton girl

Regardless of your taste, diet choices, allergies or level of hunger, there's food for everyone at The Walrus. Their food menu spoils us with gluten free beer battered haddock and chips, Vegetable Ramen and Smoked Tofu, and spiced shoulder and lamb stew, just to name a few. You can also find pizzas, luxury sourdough sandwiches and a variety of sharing platters - not to mention desserts like Rosewater, Orange & Cardamom Crème Brûlée with almond financier. Yum.

And if you're not that hungry, they have a finger food menu, which includes the Pear, Walnut & Vegetarian Parmesan Pizzetti and Mini Burgers. 

Their Sunday roasts are a total winner, too - with enough space for all your friends.

2. They host Supper Clubs.

Need to meet new people? The Walrus cater for that, too.

As well as meet up groups like ours hanging out there, The Walrus host a whole series of Supper Clubs that help us Brightonians meet each other. 

Their last Supper Club was vegan focused, with Vietnamese Avocado, Vietnamese Avocado, Spring Onion & Rice Vermicelli Summer Roll and Warm Chocolate Tart with Almond Ice Cream on their 5 course menu.

Want to keep up to date with when their Supper Clubs are? Their website is the best place to find that out.

3. They have a 150 capacity venue in the basement for music, comedy and talks.

the warlus venue music comedy brighton girl

One major pull of The Walrus for promoters and events organisers is the basement venue, also known as The Underbelly, that has a capacity of 150 people. We're hosting our fundraiser event there and a tonne of incredible jazz artists have performed there, too. 

This is a space that you can rent privately and we anticipate that a lot of promoters to start using this as their go-to venue.

4. You can watch a whole variety of sports in their basement venue, too.

The aforementioned music venue also turns into a great space for watching sports. From rugby to football, you can sit with your mates surrounded by 100+ other people creating a vibrant atmosphere where everyone is focused on the game happening right in front of them.

And they have a bar down there so you don't have to worry about missing anything.

5. There are lots of drinks options.

the walrus drinks

Whether you're a vegan, coeliac, major craft beer fan, spirit warrior or tee total, The Walrus has an enormous selection of drinks for everyone. 

From Gunns beer on tap to a whole variety of different spirits - and an eclectic range of experience bar staff to advice you on the best thing for you - drinks won't be an issue for you.

6. The staff are really friendly.

To elaborate on our point about the staff: they're super friendly - and are always up for a laugh. Even on the busiest of night (and, trust us, they have a lot of those), the bartenders and waiters will never make you feel stressed or pushed for time.

They'll always take the time to make sure that whatever you order is right for you.

7. It's great for big groups!

the walrus big groups brighton girl

What drew us to The Walrus in the first place is just how perfect it is for big groups! Whether it's a Brighton Girl meet up, a work's do or simply an opportunity to bring all your favourite people together, they'll fit you in.

Of course, it's a popular place, so it's worth booking in advance if you're a big group. However, even if it's just a 'pop in', you're likely to find somewhere! 

They also have a weekly quiz night on Tuesdays from 7.30.

8. There are places for privacy (like dates and catch ups).

To totally counteract that, you can also use The Walrus as a space for having dates or intimate catch up with friends. 

We've heard of many a Tinder or Bumble date to take place in the corners of the pub - and we do love the stories at our meet ups, too.

Whilst The Walrus is bursting with tables that you can pull together for big groups, there's always a place for something a little simpler.

9. They have a fireplace and a roof garden.

the walrus roof terrace brighton girl

Finding a fireplace and a roof garden is such a dream in Brighton - and The Walrus have both! 

Making sure we're covered for all the seasons, The Walrus have a cosy inside space and a bustling, light roof garden for the Spring and Summer months that are moving ever closer.

It's really like they're trying to keep us here - forever.

10. It's in the centre of town!

It may feel like The Walrus is tucked away on a street and transforms into a tardis when you walk inside, but let's be totally clear: it's right in the centre of the South Laine - minutes from the sea. 

Could you get more perfect for "let's meet in the middle" drinks than that?!

We anticipate that there will be more reasons for The Walrus to be the ultimate pub for everyone in Brighton, but we'll leave it here and let you do the rest of the talking.

Tried the food? Been there on a date? Watched sports or a musician there? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post from The Walrus, which is helping us to keep the lights on. As always, our views are entirely our own. But we'd also like to take this opportunity to thank The Walrus for sponsoring our Fundraiser Event and giving such an enormous amount of support to Brighton Girl at a time when we really needed it. 


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