3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Confidence Through Style

No matter how confident a person you are, we can all go through style slumps. They could be fleeting (I have nothing to wear tonight, so I’m going to sit in my towel and stare at my wardrobe) or they could be more prolonged (always wearing the same ‘uniform’ because even thinking about putting an outfit together is stressing you out).

These situations can be oppressing and all encompassing, so I’d like to share a few simple ways to improve your confidence through style.

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Add a smart piece into the mix!

Do you feel as though you are perpetually living in trainers and jeans? Or can’t remember the last time you got dressed up? That’s okay, its easy to fall into a pattern of casual dressing, however, a really easy way to elevate your outfit to the next level and boost confidence is by adding a smart piece of clothing.

Try teaming your usual jeans but add some heels into the mix, or your classic t-shirt with some silky smart trousers. This smart/casual combo is so on trend and the introduction of some good tailoring and quality pieces will instantly have you feeling classy yet remaining appropriate for your day job.

Play to your strengths!

Recognising what parts of your body look good and need to be highlighted can often be the hard part (for me anyway). Try to think about what people compliment you on the most; and utilise this! If you have great legs but hold weight around your middle, opt for skinny jeans or a skirt, but team it with a skimming shirt or oversized knit!

The key is accentuating the parts you are most proud of and flattering the parts that don’t make you feel 100. This is an instant confidence injection as the focus of your outfit will be on your most prized areas, which can only be a good thing.


If you’ve read my article on how important underwear is, then you should be feeling slightly smug, with some lovely lingerie beneath your outfit. If not, then listen up. Underwear is the foundation we build our attire on, therefore if we start out feeling anything less than sexy and powerful (think loose elastic, VPL and holey knickers) we’re fighting a losing battle.

You really don’t have to go very 50 shades of grey (if you don’t want to), just be mindful when choosing your underwear and pick pieces that make you feel good, and most importantly - that match!

These are just a few tips on how to enhance your confidence and if you feel in any way that these have stirred something within you or maybe you connect with the ‘nothing to wear’ paradox, then please get in touch! I would love nothing more than to help you harness style as your tool!

Written by Rosie George

Rosie is also a personal stylist. You can get in touch via behristyle@hotmail.com or find her on Instagram.