5 Events You Shouldn't Miss This Brighton Fashion Revolution Week

Brighton Fashion Revolution Week is back for the third year in a row, curated by Revival Collective, the number one ethical and sustainable fashion community in Brighton. Brighton Girl has been involved in some way or another from the very beginning and this year we're hosting our very own panel event on Wednesday, the 24th April, discussing whether or not fast fashion can ever be sustainable.  

We also want to share these 5 events that all Brighton Girls should go to:

Trash Talk: Can Fast Fashion Ever Be Sustainable?

Wednesday, 24th April, 23 Dukes Lane, Brighton BN1 1BG

We’re hosting our own sustainable fashion event which will be featuring a few really cool panelists that discuss vital topics such as reducing packaging waste, environmental impact of fast fashion and materials. Check out the link for more on our event, we’d love to see many of you there!

Panel Discussion: Why Fashion Is A Feminist Issue Revival Collective

Friday, 26th April 6.30pm-9.30pm at Revival Collective Pop Up | Brighton Fashion Revolution , 23 Dukes Lane, Brighton BN1 1BG

The amazing Revival Collective is hosting a panel with 5 ethical fashion pioneers: Vivenie Mugunga from the Rwandan Youth Information Community Centre, Jessica McCleave of the ethical fashion brand ILK + ERNIE, Christine Gent from WFTO and Cecily Blondel from The Emperor's Old Clothes. Check out the FB event for more info and definitely join us for this event if you want to know more about why ethical fashion is important for intersectional feminism!


Craftivist Embroidery Workshop with CULT MILK and Revival Collective

Saturday 27th April 3pm-5pm at Revival Collective Pop Up | Brighton Fashion Revolution, 23 Dukes Lane, Brighton BN1 1BG

CULT MILK and Revival Collective are organizing this cute embroidery workshop that is suitable for beginners and everyone who loves to upcycle some old clothes into something fun and cool to wear or hang up your walls! The tickets are 10 quid all material included and it should be loads of fun, so check out the FB event for more info! We hope many of you will join us for this spectacle!

Anti-Sweatshop Swap Shop | Brighton Fashion Revolution

Saturday 27th April 7pm-10pm at Revival Collective Pop Up | Brighton Fashion Revolution, 23 Dukes Lane, Brighton BN1 1BG

This clothes swap is ideal for anyone who is into thrift shopping! Recyle up to 10 of your own items and exchange them against whatever you fancy at the swap! Make sure to arrive on time and please only bring clean clothes to not spoil the fun. Join us for some nice chats, drinks, music and new old clothes!


The GOOD Fashion Show

Saturday 27th April at 7.30pm at St Peter's Brighton

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry after oil and it definitely is time for some consideration and change in terms of pollution as well as human rights!

Join us for the GOOD fashion show which will include not only yet another clothes swap, but also a live 'Alteration Station', many stalls by cool ethical fashion brands, such as Lucy & Yak, Finisterre, Know The Origin, Madia & Matilda, ILK + ERNIE, Pala Eyewear, The Emperor's Old Clothes, Rag Trade Clothing, The FAIR Shop and more! Tickets will be 5 quid for students on the store, but check out the FB event to see how you can buy a ticket online!

Written by Michelle Pantke, IG: @badwolf95