5 Feminist Podcasts You Need To Listen To

Podcasts are amazing. Feminist podcasts are even more so. Ranging from ugly cry-laugh comedy that hits the nail right on the head to thought-provoking, investigative discussions on current issues, a fantastic range of feminist podcasts exist today. We asked the Brighton Girl team for their top picks, in their own words:

(Disclaimer: Brighton Girl takes all responsibility for hours [days, weeks…] lost to listening to these podcasts. You’re welcome!)

1. The Women of the Hour

Pippa, Brighton Girl Founder and Editor: “The Women of the Hour is a five episode podcast, lead by writer, actress and all-round superhero, Lena Dunham. Beginning a little under a year ago, it’s unclear when we'll hear any more. However, these five episodes, plus the additional bonus add-ons in between, are timeless.

This podcast is perfect for all young women struggling with the societal pressures of love, life, work and body image. Lena pulls in voices from all walks of life with a range of different experiences, most of whom are successful creatives, to discuss their views and experiences.

Despite the fame labels carried by guests like Lena Dunham herself and Emma Stone, it’s is a refreshing reminder that all women go through similar trials, tribulations and fears regardless of the environments that they live in.”

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 2. What Would a Feminist do?

Holly, Brighton Girl Writer: “'What would a feminist do?’ is a monthly podcast hosted by Jessica Vaenti, a columnist for Guardian USA, which poses the question: What would a feminist do in the face of everyday sexism? When dealing with cyberbullying? When trying to build an equal relationship? Ultimately, they ask the listener: What does it take to be a feminist in everyday life?

I love the intellectual approach it takes, and found it to be incredibly informative, enabling greater engagement with everyday feminism. It also creates a space for female ‘experts’ to have frank and open discussions while being extremely accessible, introducing listeners to female academics, writers, activists, books, female lead projects, other podcasts, legislators and so on.

If you want to build your knowledge of feminism and how you can be an everyday feminist, this is a great starting point. Tip: Have a pen ready to jot down everything you need to find after listening!”

Find out more and listen here. Holly doesn't yet reside on social media (don't worry, we're on it).

3. The Guilty Feminist

Cara, Brighton Girl Writer and Videographer: “What you’re going to get listening to ‘The Guilty Feminist’ is perfectly summed up by the game of ‘I’m a feminist, but…’ they begin every episode with. For example: “I’m a feminist, but in my last relationship I fought to keep up the illusion that women are magical angel fairies by never shitting in front of him.”

What follows is a frank and very funny discussion on what it means to be a 21st century woman. Hosts Sofie Hagen and Deborah Frances-White are excellent, as are the guests. This should be required listening for everyone.”

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4. Another Round

Sofaya, Brighton Girl Deputy Editor: “Another Round was my introduction to podcasts - I binge-listened to an entire year’s backlog of episodes, and I’m truly and utterly obsessed. Now I want everyone to be just as obsessed!

Another Round is a Buzzfeed podcast hosted by Tracy and Heben, who “cover everything from race and gender to squirrels and mangoes in one boozy podcast”. Each episode features a new guest, with a particular focus on women of colour, and a variety of different segments such as the ‘Pewpewpew’ rapid fire round, Tracy’s animal corner and ‘What had happened was’.

If you want a laugh-out-loud hilarious listen with a feminist edge covering an incredibly wide range of serious and ridiculous topics, this is the one for you.”

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5. 2 Dope Queens

Sofaya (again): “2 Dope Queens is a stand-up comedy podcast peppered with fan-fucking-tastic commentary by badass babes Jessica Williams and Pheobe Robinson on “sex, romance, race, hair journeys, living in New York, and Billy Joel, plus a whole bunch of other shit”. Each episode features stand-up routines from two different comedians recorded in front of a live audience.

My absolute favourite episode (#8) is an incredible comedic re-telling of a crazy trip to Roosevelt Island by Baratunde Thurston full of twists and turns to keep you guessing (I’ve listened to it three times so far, and it ain’t short). Want some feminist comedy? You got it right here.”

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Wait! Have one more!

After finalising our 5 Feminist Podcasts, we got talking to Sophia at our latest Brighton Girl Drinks event, and she told us about another podcast that sounded far too good not to include…

6. Guys We F#@%ed

Sophia, Brighton Girl: “Guys We F#@%ed is a podcast focused on sex presented by New York comedy duo Corinne Fischer and Krystyna Hucherson (you can find them under their stand up duo name ‘Sorry about last night’).

Each week they talk about their own difficulties as women - their relationships, their periods or the nudist beach they went to one Sunday - before going on to answer listener emails on controversial issues like porn addiction, paedophilia and three way relationships.

They follow these discussions up with interviews with the likes of strippers, rappers, abortion doctors, victims of rape, homeless women, sex addicts and so on, openly discussing taboo issues in order to normalise them in the eyes of our generation.”

Find out more and listen here. Follow Sophia on Twitter @SophiasDoodling.

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