5 Reasons Every Brighton Girl Should See Lava Elastic Comedy Night

Friday 12th October saw the monthly performance of Lava Elastic, a neurodiverse comedy night. Featuring stand up comedy and Improv, it’s a new sort of comedy night, as it embraces the differences in how our brain works - be it if you’re on the autistic spectrum or have Bi-polar disorder.

Here’s why every Brightonian should you see this comedy night:

Charmaine Davies

Charmaine Davies

The mix of acts

There is a huge range of different acts, and every month is different. Weather it’s stand up comedy (Carl Carzana anyone?), Improv, or poetry, there’s something for everyone. You may even hear Sarah Saeed, the host for the evening, talking about her love of light fittings.

Humour - Lots of it

Lava Elastic, with all its varying cast members, has a sophisticated grasp of language; be it a sharp observation, a play on words, or the deadpan punchline, it’s a jocular night out.

For example, Blanket Fort, the first improv group to perform as part of Lava Elastic, based their scenes on random words taken from the audience. “Monkey” and “Love” was perhaps the most perplexing choice of the night, but it lead to Planet Of The Apes satire.

President Baboon: “Give me the f****** banana!” Or “Easter egg” and “Lemonade” (my word) ends to two giants divorcing, due to “Micheal” throwing an easter egg at the Easter Bunny.

Phil Lucas

Phil Lucas


Lava Elastic embraces the different ways people’s brains work, which has created an “open comedy” environment. Rather than using that could perhaps be described as “normal” (intended), there’s a diverse set of thinkers, performers, and variation in the humour. As somebody who is on the Autistic spectrum, I felt at home.

Because It’s “Brighton”

If you’re a Brightonion, there are various acts from the city who perform. Blanket Fort perform regulerly at the Brunswick pub, whereas Ali Macfarlan hosts Comedy Rocket at Junkyard Dogs. There are also a lot of in-house jokes that residents will identify with.

Heather Minor

Heather Minor

The Relaxed Vibe

What makes Lava Elastic so likeable is the relaxed vibe throughout; this is not the sort of comedy night where you’ll be mocked for having to leave in the interval. There are also reguler attendees who meet up, chatting to each other.

The next Lava Elastic performance takes places on November 17th. Book your tickets here.

Written by Lydia Wilkins

Fotos by Peter Williams