Top 5 Picks for Paddle Round the Pier Brighton

Paddle Round the Pier, one of those delightfully unique events that really encapsulates the spirit of Brighton, is back on Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd July at Hove Lawns. Now in it’s 21st year, the water-sports charity event has raised over £300,000 for different causes and is run entirely by volunteers.

With so many water-based events to see, it’s one of the best spectacles the city has to offer. If water-sports aren’t your thing there’s always Paddle Village to provide you with some stalls, exhibitions and entertainment.

So if you’re floundering on which events to attend, here are five Paddle Round the Pier events Brighton Girl recommends.

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Paddle Something Unusual

Sunday, 12pm

If you want to watch something silly and creative (and why wouldn’t you) watch participants compete in teams to try and paddle in a raft made of anything they could get their hands on.

In the past people have used picnic benches, bouncy castle and Guinness barrels, so who knows what you might see this year.

SUP games

Saturday & Sunday, 10am @ the Demo Pool

Test your balance at the Stand Up Paddleboarding games where anyone can have a go. Play polo, tug of war and joust all whilst trying to stay afloat. It costs £10 to sign up online or £15 on the day.

Feel free to join in if you’re feeling brave...or just watch other people and hope you aren’t standing in the splash zone.

The Ukulele Stage

Saturday & Sunday @ Paddle Village

Paddle Village is host to a stage devoted entirely to the music of the humble ukulele. Head there for some musical performances by some of the best ukulele bands around.

One band you must see is Sgt Pepper’s Ukulele Band who play, you guessed it, ukulele covers of Beatles tracks. Be at the Ukulele stage at 2.20pm on Saturday to reserve yourself a space to let loose. (If anyone knows the correct dancing to do to ukulele music please tell us).

Wellington Wailers - Sea Shanties

Saturday, 3.45pm @ Paddle Village

If ukuleles don’t float your boat you can always soak in the musical stylings of the sea shanties sung by the Wellington Wailers. Dressed up as pirates they sing tales of the sea as well as some stories of life on land.

Buy yourself a rum from one of the bars and raise your glass to the sounds of some scurvy-ridden scoundrels.

The Paddle

Sunday, 2pm

It’s the title event and the final water event so you won’t want to miss out on this. Participants paddle round the West Pier in anything they want, flippers, kayaks, surfboards, name it.

It’s not too late to join in yourself so if you can round yourself up some sponsors in time then why not? The more sponsorship money raised, the more raffle tickets you can get to be entered into the prize draw to win sports equipment or even a holiday. But if you’re more of a watcher, standing on dry land and cheering on the participants is an equally fun way to round off the festival.

Find out more about Paddle Round the Pier by visiting their website.

Written by Amy.