5 Vegan and Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands You Need to Know

The demand for cruelty-free, and more recently, vegan cosmetics is on the rise as more and more people look for animal-friendly options. There are plenty of niche beauty brands currently on the market, but here are 5 of my favourites that you need to know about.

1. Inika

Inika is one of the most famous natural and organic beauty brands, with a huge social media following and customer-base around the world. This Australian company is a great choice for a variety of makeup products from the face to eyes and lips.

Their mineral foundation is a great choice for people with oily skin (like me) and give an even coverage and matte finish.

All of their products are certified organic, vegan and halal and the sleek black packaging is the perfect finishing touch.

2. Lily England

Spectrum Collection brushes are an Insta and blogger fave at the moment, but I think Lily England’s rose gold makeup brushes need a holla too! The gorge white and rose gold combo make for a stylish and sophisticated statement.

Their Instagram page is a beautiful piece of art and, with a range of different brushes to choose from, there is something for everyone. I have the makeup brush set which comes with a chic, leather-look white cosmetics bag with rose gold zip (of course).

3. Axiology

Hailed as a ‘luxury lipstick line’, Axiology offers a wide range of beautifully packaged organic and vegan lippies.

The opulent gold lipstick tube adds a touch of glamour and the soft crayon-like texture makes for an easy application.

These lipsticks are a bit on the pricey side, retailing at £23, but they are a fab payday treat and are definitely worth every penny!

Axiology is available to buy in the UK through beauty retailers such as Alyaka.

4. B. is for Beautiful by Superdrug

Superdrug is a great place for vegans. All their own brand products, across everything from skincare, hair, toothpaste and makeup, are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Superdrug is also against animal testing.

Their wide range of shampoos and face care mean vegans can find much-needed products, but Superdrug also do a great makeup range that not many people seem to know about.

In store, they hold a small collection of the products (so it is easy to miss the stand), but you can shop the full range online. I am a big fan of the mascara, which caters to my sensitive eyes while also adding the much-needed volume I require.

The makeup brushes and sponges are excellent quality and, with an affordable price tag, they are a must have!

5. Zoya

I first came across this brand at Christmas when I was looking for a toxic free yet glittery nail polish for the festive season. I found Zoya on Love Lula’s website and was drawn to the wide range of colours on offer.

The nail polishes are all ‘5 free’, meaning they do not have tolulene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, phthalates or camphor, which are toxic chemicals present in most nail products. The brand is popular in spas and was even named the longest wearing natural nail polish by Women’s Health Magazine!

Zoya is available to buy in the UK from beauty retailers such as Love Lula.

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If you're looking for more natural and cruelty-free beauty products, check out LoveLula.com and Naturisimo.com to explore a whole range of amazing brands.

Written by Sophie. Find more from Sophie (who is currently setting up her own cruelty-free and vegan beauty brand) on Instagram @GobsmackedLips.

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