5 ways to enjoy Brighton when you're broke

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness has clearly never been so broke that they’ve had sleep for dinner.

I’m broke. Everyone around me is broke. The main problem with constantly being skint is I like to live a “luxury” lifestyle on a student income. Living in an expensive city like Brighton doesn’t exactly help – but there are still ways to enjoy it!

Late Night Comedy at Komedia

Did you know, if you’re lucky enough to be under 26 you can go to Krater Comedy club for just £5? It’s quirky, always really lively, AND as it normally finishes at around 1.30am, makeing for the perfect late night activity if you don’t fancy spending a fortune in town.

Cocktails at Shuffle Bar

I love cocktails. In fact, I would go as far as saying I’ve never tried one I didn’t like. The only problem is, despite the majority of them being mainly juice and ice – they’re really expensive. This is where Shuffle Bar comes in…

Shuffle Bar does 2-4-1 cocktails every weeknight evening, all evening. This means you can enjoy your favourite cocktails without breaking the bank, and you don’t have to rush yourself getting home from work to make those usual 5-7pm happy hours that most bars have.

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Walk Everywhere

Last week I read an article on how much Carrie Bradshaw’s lifestyle would cost if she lived in the modern era, and a huge part of her budget was on taxis. This left me wondering, how much do I spend on travel in a month?

Walking everywhere sounds like the kind of thing my mother would tell me to do to save money. But the reality is, Brighton is pretty small and you can walk to most places. The other plus side to walking everywhere rather than taking a cab or catching the bus, is you get to soak up the gorgeous surroundings.


If you don’t know, get to know. Wriggle is an app that gives you discounts on local food, allowing you to dine out – or grab a takeaway – at a discounted rate.

For someone who examines their bank statement every month and wails when she notices she spent more on one meal than she did an entire food shop, it’s a life saver. Being broke doesn’t mean you have to give up your favourite meals! It just means you need to source them through cheaper means.

Watch the sun set on the beach

Doesn’t cost a penny.

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Written by Rachel.

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