Brighton & Hove Cats To Follow On Instagram - Volume 2

I enjoyed writing the previous article on Brighton and Hove cats to follow on Instagram so much, that I thought I’d do a second article featuring some more gorgeous kitties. This will most likely be a regular feature, because I just can’t get enough of stalking all the photos!

Here are the next 6 Brighton and Hove cats to follow on Instagram:

Manu The Siberian

Manu is a gorgeous Blue Silver Tabby Siberian who loves to look out the window at Brighton Beach. Manu and his dad have a special relationship, which is lovely to see in his Instagram pictures. I have to say, Manu is even more active than me, going on regular walks out and about with his mum and dad. He looks so cute in his harness! When he’s not exploring outside, Manu loves to keep his dad’s flip flops warm, sitting in boxes and disapproving of his dad’s homemade yoghurts!

Tyson Bojangles

Tyson is a fabulous rescue cat who is now living life as a king with his mum @nadiahhoopflow. When he’s not napping and eating dreamies, Tyson is playing Mario Kart (and winning, obviously), helping his Mum with her work by making sure the keyboard is kept nice and warm and dropping some beats as he’s become the latest rapper in Brighton’s music scene. Honestly, he’s got a cool cap and everything! I’m looking forward to Tyson’s Christmas number 1, coming December 2018.

Cloud and Garnet

Cloud and Garnet are brother and sister residing in Brighton and a mix of Tabby and Maincoon - they really are gorgeous! Introducing ‘Trip Hazard Thursday’ into their weekly routine, Cloud and Garnet both love lying on the stairs until their owners trip over them. I’m sure they don’t maliciously want to make their owner fall down the stairs, but they know their tricks - it may lead to human guilt, which can only mean one thing… treats and cuddles!

It seems that these two definitely like to have fun, whether it’s helping to make the bed (by lying in the middle of it whilst you’re trying to change the sheet) or digging out all the tissues from the tissue box, they will always let you know that they are the king and queen of their household!

Murple Meowface

Murple is an exotic shorthair who is the first cat to be a professional table tennis player. Watch this space at the next olympics - Britain could add another gold medal to the leader board! But Murple’s talents don’t end there. He builds shelves with his dad, explores the local parks, and regularly hosts box-parties (note: these parties are always BYOB - Bring Your Own Box).

Murple does find time to relax though, normally watching television with his mum and cuddling his catnip carrot toy. How cute is Murple!?

Charlie The House Panther

Charlie is a 1 year old black kitten, who needed a loving home after he was found on the streets, and Charlie has really landed on his feet! He not only has a wonderful mum, but lots of furry siblings to have cuddles with.

You can see in Charlie’s Instagram how much he loves his new family, as there are plenty of photos of them all together which make you go “Awww”. When Charlie isn’t snuggling up to his brothers and sisters, he’s posing for photos, worshiping the sun and enjoying a well deserved cat nap.

Kylo The Space Muffin 

Kylo is Charlie The House Panther’s adopted brother. Similar to Charlie, Kylo also had a difficult start to life - He was found in a hedge by his mum, who quickly decided that one more furry sibling joining the family would be a fabulous idea. Soon after Kylo joined the family, he had dreams of becoming a Tesco mascot after a visit to the supermarket.

I’m not sure if this was financially driven, or dreamie driven, but I hope that dream of his is still alive! Kylo enjoys playing Skyrim with his mum and sitting on the bakewell tarts, so his dad can’t eat them. Kylo also really looks up to his big brother, Charlie, and their relationship is just the sweetest!

There you go, the second lot of 6 cats to be listed in this series. If you have a cat you would like to be mentioned in the next article - email us at:

Written by Imogen.

You can also contact her about your cat on Instagram. She would love to follow your furbabies!