8 Brighton Fringe Shows For Every Brighton Girl

It’s finally May and time for Fringe! We’ve compiled a list of 8 events all over May we would recommend to all of our Brighton Girls who love a good show and some Brighton extravaganza!

IRIS Prize film festival, Wednesday, 8th May at 7.45PM

The IRIS prize is showing outstanding queer short films from around the world! The shown films explore gender, queer history and intimacy combined with good filmmaking. Coming from someone who has already been to this event, I can tell you that it’s definitely worth watching, plus it’s only 3 quid fo students!

Smashing, Saturday, 11th May at 7PM

This performance by Annabelzski Is loaded with spoken word, stand-up comedy, audience interaction and all things fun! She tackles the question whether one woman can change and dismantle the hetero-patriarchy


Silent Disco with Boogie Shoes Seaside Special, Sunday, 12th May at 6PM

Each participant will receive a set of headphones tuned to the same station and you’ll be walking through Brighton with a drink in hand and live commentary and music led by the Boogie Shoes Crew. This event was sold out at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018 and you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

The Feminazis, Tuesday, 21st May at 9.30PM

Because they are frustrated about the lack of progress in modern feminism the two protagonists of this play, Sal and Libby, start a terrorist organization planning to to target misogynists. Their first victim was supposed to be an incel who preaches misogyny online, but when Libby’s brother joins them on their quest obstacles they we’rent prepared for appear…


Pussy Liquor: Vulva Las Vegas!, Thursday, 23th May at 9PM

A selection of London’s cabaret artist will be headlining this show about fierce feminism and a wedding! Come down and join us for this Vegas inspired show for some laughs, bubbly and fabulous girl power!

Definitely Louise, Monday, 27th May at 2.30PM

In her solo show Definitely Louise Bethany talks about her way of navigating through the modern world and how she deals with life, love, friendship and loss as a young woman. If you’re into comedy, you should give this show a shot!

Notorious women of Brighton, Sunday, 28th May at 6.30PM

Hear some of the stories of Brighton’s most extra ordinary women! Brighton has always attracted a bunch of special ladies, some of them suffragettes or music stars. We really recommend this show for all of you who are into history and historic female figures!


Joe Black: Decopunk, Tuesday, 30th May at 9PM

This musical cabaret by Joe Black is a must-see for everyone who loves drag and drama and Art Deco! Join us at Spiegeltent for this very special punk extravaganza by drag performer Joe Black!

Written by Michelle Pantke, who can be found as @badwolf95 on Instagram.

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