8 Female Led Great Escape Acts We Can't Wait To See

The Great Escape is starting today and we couldn’t be more excited! We came up with a list of crazy talented female artists you shouldn't miss out on. All of them have their music online on either Soundcloud or Youtube so check out why we like them and if they might me your new favourite upcoming artist!


Celeste at Coalition, Thursday at 8.30PM

If you love Frank Ocean and Amy Winehouse you’re gonna love Celeste and her unique and soft voice! She’s only 24 years old, but her songs are so mature and settled you’ll be wondering how that’s even possible! Check out her songs on Youtube and I bet you’ll like it!


Body TypE at Komedia, Friday at 7.15PM

Body Type came all the way from Australia to be here for the Great Escape and so you shouldn't miss out on this opportunity to see them! They give off a nice and chill 50s vibe and all of them are extremely talented! Check out their song ‘Palms‘ and see for yourself.


Black Sea Dahu at The Walrus, Thursday at 9.15PM

If you’re into Urban Folk you should check out singer songwriter Janine Cathrein and her entourage from Switzerland. Their song ‘Take stock of what I have’ is great and will surely be nice live, too!


Allysha Joy at Patterns, Thursday at 7.15PM

Allysha is another artist that came all the way from Australia to Brighton and another female artist who is worth checking out! She’s from Melbourne and not only part of a collective, but also a solo artist, producer, singer and poet! Her style is difficult to describe so you better check out her songs on Youtube yourself or just come to her show and expect a nice surprise!


ANDRRA at Latest Music Bar, Saturday at 10 PM

ANDRRA is a Berlin based artist with Kosovar origin and her music revolves around her soothing voices, all rhythms and meaningful lyrics. She sings about the women of her family and feminist issues such as child marriage and aims to have a political theme as well as nice folk music.


Girl in red at Komedia, Friday at 8.15PM

Marie aka Girl in red is probably one of my favorite female artists at the Great Escape, not only is she super young with her 19 years of age, but also because she’s openly gay and sings about pretty girls all the time, she’s just so lovely you definitely need to check out her song ‘Girls‘ and come see her live! She really quickly developed a career off of Soundcloud and Youtube and is now coming all the way from Norway to be in Brighton!


Danielle at Patterns downstairs, Saturday at 12.15AM

If you’re into new wave electro and techno you shouldn’t miss out on this chance to see Danielle play a set at Patterns! She’s originally from London, but resides in Bristol and has played some of Bristol’s most famous clubs, as well as Techno clubs all over Europe! Check out her Soundcloud and hear for yourself!


Duendita at Latest Music Bar, Thursday at 11.15PM

Duendita is another international artist who came a long way from Queens, New York to be here with us for the Great Escape! Her soft and melancholic and spiritually influenced music has been talked about in the New York Times and many other newspapers. Check out her song ‘i’ma get you‘ and find out what all the hype is about!

Written by Michelle Pantke, who can be found as @badwolf95 on Instagram.

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