Beginning Your Own Fashion Library

Having shelves full of books, your own personal library, at home is something so many aspire to. And who can blame them? Who wouldn’t want to be surrounded by incredible stories, wonderful words and beautiful photography and imagery?

As a first year Fashion Communication student, I’ve begun my own collection with a small selection of fashion related books. If you’re into fashion or are just looking for some good recommendations to start off your own visually-pleasing library, I’ve selected a few of my fashion faves to get you going.

IT by Alexa Chung

This book is so aesthetically pleasing. I’m inspired by Alexa Chung as a fashion role model and absolutely love the photography and illustration featured in her book. If you are interested in fashion photography (oh hey, aspiring fashion bloggers), I would highly recommend this book. 

Speaking of Alexa, her video’s on British Vogue’s YouTube channel are definitely worth a watch, which you can find here and here

New York Through a Fashion Eye by Megan Hess


As a lover of New York, I equally love anything related to it. Megan Hess’ illustrations are both incredible and inspiring. Take me back to NYC so I can follow Hess’ New York fashion guide please!

Inside Vogue: A Diary of My 100th Year by Alexandra Shulman

As an aspiring fashion writer and someone who dreams of working for a fashion magazine one day, this book by Alexandra Shulman is goals. I love the insight it gives into the fashion industry and the personal thread that runs through the entire book. If you are interested in fashion journalism, this is the one for you.

Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton

I’m sure many of you know of Brandon Stanton and Humans of New York through Facebook, so you'll know that his photography is fantastic. This book is a collection of his most special encounters, where he captures the portraits and stories of New Yorkers. This is an incredibly touching book that can be revisited time and time again. Also, I can be quite a nosey person, so I love hearing other people’s stories. 

Grace: A Memoir by Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington is one of my idols, which might make me a bit biased when it comes to her book, but I can assure you that both the book and her work is amazing! With exclusive photographs and line drawings, this book gives you a real insight into a woman that has lived in the world of fashion from the age of 18. This one is an absolute must, and I would highly recommend researching Grace further! 

Words and photography by Rosie.

This article first appeared on Rosie’s blog, A Rosie Edit titled 'Beginning of my Fashion Library'.