Best Breakfasts Out For Every Brighton Girl

We Brighton Girls love the first meal of the day, they do say it's the most important one after all. So, we felt like it was time to round up our favourites - whether it be naughty or nice, breakfast or brunch, healthy or hungover. Let's tuck in!

Best Naughty Hash


Billie's, Upper North Street, Brighton

With queues out the door every weekend, you won't be disappointed (if you're lucky enough to get in that is). Billie's serves up the biggest and baddest hashes in Brighton. Trust us when we say the ultimate breakfast requires cheese. Tastes 95 times better than it looks.

Best Nice Hash


Joe's Cafe, Upper Hamilton Road, Brighton

If Billie's is naughty, Joe's is nice. The less greasy, better quality hash winner has to be Joe's. Squirrelled away in deep dark Seven Dials, the walk to find them reaps rewards when this is presented to you. All dishes are made fresh to order with top quality ingredients. Great service too.

Best Full English


V&H, Holland Road, Hove

Quietly sitting on the edge of Palmeira Square, V&H serve up a cracking Full English with high quality local ingredients. Gourmet sausage, tasty bacon, fresh bread, homemade baked beans and perfectly poached eggs. We could give you more adjectives to describe how good their breakfasts are, but this picture speaks a thousand words by itself.

Best Fry Up


Cafe Arcadia, Imperial Arcade, Brighton

How many times have you walked past Cafe Arcadia? You know the one - tucked behind Marks and Spencer's on the little thoroughfare. Many times, we're sure. And so had we, until we tried their breakfast. All of it's fried apart from the beans, tomatoes and toast and it works oh so well.

Best Eggs Benedict


Bill's, North Road, Brighton

Brighton institution Bill's actually started just down the road in Lewes, and has since taken the rest of the UK by storm. Despite being a chain now, they've stuck to their roots in combining high quality food with excellent customer service. Perfectly poached eggs on a fluffy muffin and salty ham served with a generous helping of their delicious creamy hollandaise sauce.  (The hash brown is extra and totally worth it.)

Best Vegetarian Breakfast


The New Club, King's Road, Brighton

Pop down to The New Club for their vegetarian breakfast on the seafront and enjoy big hunks of halloumi with crushed avocado, herby tomatoes and mushrooms, and poached eggs on fresh sourdough toast with real butter. Even if you're not veggie, it's still very enjoyable. Sit back and enjoy your breakfast and the view.

Best Eggs and Avo on Toast

i gigi, Western Road, Hove

i gigi sits atop their homeware store of the same name. We were always slightly daunted by walking through the expensive shop, but do not be put off! Their avocado on toast is one of the best we've ever eaten. The yummiest bread, fresh avo, roasted cherry tomatoes and perfectly poached eggs. We added some crispy bacon to complete this perfect dish.

All you need to do now is decide where to go first and whether your favourite accompaniment is ketchup or brown sauce.

This list was complied by the wee food blogger.

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