The Best Places To Get Work Done In Brighton And Hove

As the Brighton Girl team does not have an office space (yet), but holds weekly meetings, we have tried a whole lot of places around town to meet and work together or sit alone with our laptop and write. The checklist is simple, but important: Good coffee, cozy and inspiring atmosphere, enough space, relatively quiet and most importantly: the oxygen of any blogger… good WiFi!

So, whether you are a freelancer, student or just want to get your bills done and the walls in your home feel like they are moving in closer or your over-prized Brighton home can simply not fit a desk, we want to share with you our favourite places to work around Brighton and Hove.

Here is a list of 9 Places To Get Your Work Done:

In Central Brighton:

credit: @middleofadventure

credit: @middleofadventure

Nowhere Man, 53 Upper N Street

One of our solid all time favourites and soon to be after-hour office space. They have a great atmosphere, speedy wifi, good coffee and in case you get hungry while being creative, they serve up some of the best pancakes in town.

Marwood, 52 Ship Street

If you have been to one of our BG coffee Sundays before, you know what we are talking about. The one and only coffee shop (and bar) that has more clutter on the walls than Donald Trump’s got shit in his head. They have a laptop room upstairs, that always has a concentrated atmosphere, but is super relaxed and inspiring. We spend a lot of our free time there, working or not. Don’t forget to bring 20p coins if you want to charge your laptop. It’s 20p per 30 minutes and the money goes to charity! WARNING: no laptops allowed on Saturdays!

Presuming Ed’s Coffeehouse, 114 London Road

Following Marwood, of course we have to mention its big brother Presuming Ed on London Road. It has the space, the vibes, the same damn good coffee as Marwood and free electricity!

Waterstones Cafe, 71-74 North Street

I’m sure we all know there’s a big Waterstones by the clock tower, but did you know that there’s an amazing café inside? The coffee is great and what’s better than working and being surrounded by books… The views are also great and it is quite calm during the week.

credit: @brightonwaterstones

credit: @brightonwaterstones

C:\Side Quest, Unit 11 Lower Promenade Madeira Drive

This place has the greatest view, located right on the seafront left of the pier. They offer good coffee in all sorts and shapes and snacks. Just let us warn you not to go there on a weekend evening as there will be people playing games. Especially if you want to have a meeting, that makes it really difficult. The WiFi is top.

In Hove:

The Bottom’s Rest, 16 Lower Market Street

Pippa and my absolute go-to as we both live 2 minutes away from it, but mainly because it is the cosiest pub in Brighton. A secret favourite, hidden behind the old market, that nobody would expect. The WiFi is superb, the music nice and chill, the staff a bunch of lovely gals and pals and the food by Jaldee Jaldee a dream. Serving you all the cold drinks from my favourite beer, Staropramen, to Brighton Gin. It is super calm during the weeks and we have spent hours and hours in there.

Salvage, 84 Western Road

On of my newest discoveries, that became and instant favourite with its decorative charm and maximum of coziness. Top speed wifi, friendly staff, table service, armchairs, tables, it’s all there. The only flaw here is, oh horror of horrors, they’re coffee is not very good… but a pot of Earl Grey is £3 and it’s totally worth the atmosphere. I could sit there the whole day just reading.

credit: Lauren Joy Kennett Photography

credit: Lauren Joy Kennett Photography

Down To Earth Coffee, 74 Western Road

I refused to enter this etablissement for quite a while as it occupies the space of my former Palmeira-favourite ‘The Crumpetty Tree’. But we can’t look back in anger forever, right?! I went in on a hungry hangover morning and their avocado toast revolutionised my world of avocado toasts. I’m only spoiling this much: truffle feta, but go find out yourself. A good, bright and friendly working space with delicious beverages, that won’t fail you.

In Kemptown And Hove:

Cafe Rust, 80 George Street / 50 Preston Road

Pippa’s recommendation for all those in need of some local Kemptown or deep-Hove workspace. This cafe is located in three places all over Brighton. With some serious vintage, rustic vibes it is guaranteed to be the perfect environment to let your creative juices flow.

Honestly, this list could go on and on. As we all know Brighton, is absolutely bursting with great coffeeshops, but please always share with us your newest discoveries! The best thing about café-hopping is the constant fresh wind and change of wallpaper.

Written by editor Anna Olivia Böke