Best quick eats in Brighton

Sure, we all love a leisurely dinner every now and again, but sometimes you just need something to eat and you need it NOW. To save you from the horrors of yet another supermarket sandwich, here’s our favourite quick eats:


Locations in London Road, Hove, Kemptown and Lewes Road

Sometimes you just need a lovely greasy burger and a huge bag of chips. Sure you could go to McDonald’s, but that’s American grease. This is home-grown Brighton-certified grease, and it’s beautiful.

Order: Whatever you were dreaming of when you woke up hungover this morning




Locations in South Lanes, North Laines, Hove and inside Brighton Station.

The only place in Brighton that sells a perfect chewy bagel filled with fresh toppings. Simple but oh-so-good. Order one and pretend you’re a New York sophisticate. Or whatever you’d like to pretend, I’m not you.

Order: A salt beef bagel for now, and a bag of plain bagels for the morning when you’re feeling lazy.



49 Gardner St, BN1 1UN

Brings Korean favourite Bibimbap (literally “mixed rice”) to the masses (especially anyone looking for a quick dinner before heading to Komedia x doors down). Pick a base, a topping, from mushroom to beef bulgogi, and a sauce. It’s healthy, caters to vegans and meat-eaters alike, and the staff are more than happy to advise if you have no idea what beef bulgogi is or what sauce would suit that anyway.

Order: The classic bibimbap with chilli sauce. Smother with said chilli sauce and mash together until yummy.




We Love Falafel

37 Sydney St, BN1 4EP

As one of the UK’s most vegan-friendly cities, it’s no surprise there’s an awful lot of falafel places in Brighton. Take a straw poll of your most discerning falafel-lovers and you’ll find We Love Falafel tops most lists. That’s probably partially because they have four kinds on offer, including a special every day – so you can have your falafel and eat it.

Order: Whichever takes your fancy, and if non-vegan, get some halloumi tossed in there too.




46 West Street, BN1 2RA

Chips? No, these are double-cooked Belgian fries, daaahling. They’re super crispy and they have more delicious sauces than you could name if someone pointed a gun at you. The staff are really enthusiastic and friendly, too. Worth venturing onto West Street for.

Order: Your fries, and all the sauces recommended to you – they know their stuff.



55 Queens Road, BN1 3XD

Just minutes from Brighton station, Sunoso is the perfect place to grab a quick dinner before your trip. They serve Japanese restaurant classics like Katsu Curry and Teriyaki Salmon, as well as soup noodles and sushi. All served up quick, and with plenty of stools to perch on to gobble up your order.

Order: To go, if you’re running late.



Naan Hut

41 New England Road, BN1 4GG

Hiding on an unassuming corner near Preston Circus, venture in on a weekday and find the place packed with local office workers after a big, fluffy homemade naan stuffed with a filling of your choice. You can go full-out kebab style, but much more fun are the veggie offerings – falafels or onion bhaji, for example, or sandwich-style offerings like chicken avocado. You’ll leave happy, and so full you probably won’t need to eat again for the rest of the day.

Order: Onion Bhaji Naan with plenty of mango chutney.

Sunbirds Deli

108 London Road, BN1 4JB

Frequently top or high on Tripadvisor, this little Middle Eastern deli punches well above its weight. There’s hot food and sandwiches, but most go for their mezze boxes. For £4.50 (takeaway) you get a choice of veggie, chicken or meatball, served with a plethora of salads, dips and pastries. For dessert, they also sell excellent baklava.

Order: That mezze box. If you’re a meat-eater, the meatballs are the best one.

Carlito Burrito

12 York Pl, BN1 4GU

It’s pretty hard to miss Carlito Burrito’s bright pink and blue exterior, but it’s well worth a visit for quick authentic Mexican bites. You can go street food small plates like tacos, ceviche and quesadillas, or bigger with their burritos or even steak. Plenty of options for gluten free-ers and vegans too, which is especially welcome, and burritos are only a fiver at weekday lunchtimes.

Order: Their fish tacos. Get your friend to order some too, or they’ll be jealous.




187 Lewes Rd, BN2 3LD

Though we’re well served for lots of cuisines (Vietnamese! Korean! Ethiopian!) Brighton is sorely lacking in the quality of Caribbean food you might expect if you’ve lived in other UK cities. Breaking that trend is Back-A-Yard, who serve out of a window on Lewes Road (and in their back garden on picnic benches in the summer). Expect all the classics – jerk chicken, curry goat, Ackee & Saltfish – served by friendly, enthusiastic staff.

Order: The curried goat. Yum.



10 Church Rd, BN3 2FL

It doesn’t get more no-frills than Unithai – a restaurant stuffed in the back of an Asian food shop. Don’t underestimate it though, as it serves some of the most authentic Thai food in Brighton: generous noodle soups, unusual curries and well-seasoned stir fries, all well priced and out of the kitchen in minutes. Plus, it’s BYO again, if you don’t fancy a tea or a can of pop.

Order: Something from the specials board, they’re often the most unusual options.





110 Church St, BN1 1UD

A Brighton institution beloved by students and theatre-goers alike (it’s minutes away from the Dome and Theatre Royal). Join the queue for cheap, filling Japanese food that inexplicably arrives at your table before you’ve even sat down, and the holy grail – a BYO policy (£1 corkage).

Order: Whatever you like, you’re going to struggle to spend much more than a tenner.

Written by Cara.

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