Review: Breakfast At Cafe Plenty

Cafe Plenty has been a Brighton Girl favourite for a while now (remember the Halloween Party?) Known for its eccentric wall art and buzzing community vibe, it creates a perfect spot for meeting friends or hot desking.

But whilst we’d devoured many a cake from Plenty before, we’d never actually checked out the food menu. Then, as fate would have it, we were invited along for breakfast one morning.



We arrived for about 10am to find the place already flourishing with friends, couples and families. Eagerly peering up at the menu board, we were pleased to see that Plenty actually offer a huge variety for breakfast including french toast, full english breakfasts, avocado toasts and eggs several ways.

Between us, we ordered the french toast and three full English breakfasts, as well as a flat white, two lattes and a mocha.


Plenty definitely impress where presentation is concerned, and the portion sizes are incredible! The french toast was absolutely spot on, with a perfect crunch on the outside and sweet, chewy, cinnamony goodness in the middle.


The full english breakfasts were incredibly beautiful to look at, but how did the taste compare? We were blown over by the black pudding, which tasted like a rich kind of sausage meat and managed to convince even the sceptics amongst us.

A gorgeous sourdough is provided for toast, accompanied by salted butter, and the bacon had a good smoky taste. Sadly, we were left disappointed by the sausages which had a dry and almost grainy texture.


All in all, we had a great breakfast experience at Cafe Plenty. One of the only comments we would make surrounds the way Plenty communicate their menu, as the board doesn't provide a full idea of what you will get, or the extras available with your dish.

Otherwise, keep doing what you're doing, Plenty!

Have you been along for breakfast at Cafe Plenty yet? Tell us what you thought!

Words and photos by Sammy Paget.

You can check out more of Sammy's work over on her blog or follow her on Instagram @thirdplacebtn.