Brighton: A musician's haven

I don’t know what it is about Brighton exactly, but, for me, it makes writing songs a whole lot easier. I moved from London a few months a go to join many of my fellow musicians who have made the same move.  

Everybody says “You need to be in London if you want to succeed”, and I understand that, it’s where the majority of the UK music industry resides after all. London stagnated my creativity, throwing me into a writers block which lasted many months. 

In London I found an underlying sense of pressure to succeed that completely stifled my creativity as a songwriter. The last thing you need when trying to get the creative juices flowing is pressure of any kind.

While there might be a lot going on, things to see and people to meet, no one tells you how lonely London can be. When I was living there, I'd gone nearly a month without seeing a single friend while caught up in the daily grind. Let me tell you: being lonely doesn’t make you feel inspired (unless its after a horrendous break up of course).

After a while, no matter where you are, you need a change of scenery. Change can be received in many ways, and one of those ways (should you choose it) is to inspire you. In my experience, the thrill of seeing the neon lights of Soho wore off about two years in.

I’d visited Brighton for a long time and always felt inspired whenever I stepped out of the train station and saw the glimmer of the sea. Beautiful seaside aside, it's impossible to deny the unique flow of life in Brighton, so eloquently (or not) demonstrated by the whimsical characters you meet in the Laines, and the sense of community you find at a coffee morning (winkwink Brighton Girl) or on a street corner dancing with the Disco Bunny.

This, compared to a London where the barista in my local coffee shop still didn’t recognise me despite the fact I went in there every damn day, became harder and harder to resist.

Ever since I moved down to Brighton, I’ve felt extremely creative. The sense of pressure has been lifted and I've started to write more music, all while knowing that afterwards I can go and watch the sunset on the beach or eat some VIP pizzas followed by too many drinks at The Mesmerist with friends.

Written by Keeva.

Keeva is a songwriter and musician. You can find more on her website

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