Autumn Drinks in Brighton better than a Starbucks PSL

There are many signs that tell us summer is over and autumn has started creeping in. The air becomes crisp, woolly jumpers start making an appearance, and the leaves start to turn brown and fall from the trees. However, the most obvious and anticipated sign is, of course, when Starbucks bring out their PSL.

Love them or hate them, Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (or PSL’s as they will now be known) have become a worldwide craze. But do they live up to the hype? Many of us at Brighton Girl aren’t convinced.

With a booming coffee and cafe scene in our city, we know it’s possible to hunt down some brilliant alternatives that are both reasonably priced and down right delicious. Take your pick and swerve Starbucks next time a coffee craving kicks in!

Almond-Spiced Latte from Red Roaster – £3.10

Add an autumnal twist to your usual before-work latte with this Almond Spiced Latte from Red Roaster. We prefer the subtle almond spice of this drink to the overpowering syrupy sweetness of the PSL.

Chocolate Button Hot Choc from Treacle & Co. – £2.95

This hot chocolate from Treacle & Co is made by melting chocolate buttons and mixing them with cream and steamed milk, perfect for the colder weather. You can also benefit from their teatime deal of a hot drink and a slice of cake for a fiver from 4pm-5.30pm on weekdays!

Turkish Apple Tea by Cafe Plenty – £2.80

Cafe Plenty have a unique autumn inspired drink for you, so grab a cup of their Turkish Apple Tea when you head down to check out our Brighton Girl mural on their window!

White Hot Chocolate by Black Mocha – £3.00

This single origin white hot chocolate from Black Mocha is dusted with nutmeg and cinnamon for a bit of spice. It’s much cheaper than a PSL without scrimping on the portion size. Just look at it!

Do any of these drinks tempt you? We encourage you to go out on the hunt for a better version of the PSL in your hometown. Tweet us your best finds!

Written by Jess Scott.

Read more of Jess’s work over on her blog, and find her on Instagram at @jessandjoshcook