Brighton Band Interview: Kai Khan

Kai Khan is a Malaysian artist based in Brighton, who's playing with her full band at our fundraiser with QM Records on Thursday 12th March.

She takes inspiration from Disclosure to Katy B and George Maple, embodying a fusion of electronic, soul and dance music. We were curious to find out more about her, how she came to be in Brighton and how her roots have influenced her musical direction.


When did you first move to Brighton and what attracted you to moving here?

I first moved to Brighton about 2 and half years ago - to start my degree in BIMM studying Vocals. The UK had always attracted me, growing up back home I felt like the fashion and music here really spoke to me. A lot of my friends from back home are originally from the UK too so I think that had an influence on me. But Brighton, in particular, appealed to me because there was the beach, and the sea... though saying that I barely even go there!

How has growing up in Kuala Lumpur had an impact on your songwriting? 

I don't think it impacted my songwriting in particular because I developed my sound more here in the past two years. Though I think having gone to so many live electronic gigs back in K.L, that was probably what influenced me to make electronic music. 

It looks like you've played a lot of gigs over the last few months! What's your favourite live memory? 

We've been busy for sure! I have to say my favourite live memory would be our first ever gig at Seven Stars last year, hosted by QM. Even though our set was imperfect it didn't matter because the vibe was on point. It was packed and everyone was literally dancing, on chairs too! Felt good. 

Which Brighton artists are you loving at the moment? 

SilverTongue, Isle of CC and Yakul. Though at the moment, i'm really digging CLT DRP - they're an electro-punk band and honestly just a bloody honour to watch. All 3 of em are massively talented and i'm always blown away by them every time they perform! 

You're next single 'Ruin' is out on 5th May. What were your key influences behind writing this track?

We were looking to make something quite dancy and hooky - something along the likes of 99souls remix of That Girl Is Mine. We didn't really have any key influences, one thing just led to another and bam, Ruin happened!

What's the future looking like for Kai Khan?

We've got more gigs lined up over the next couple months. After the single release, we're going to focus on writing new material, possibly in a different direction in terms of genre. Exciting times!

We'd like to thank Kai Khan and her live band for volunteering their time to do this gig, in order to help Brighton Girl raise the essential funds that we need to keep going. Please give her some love on Facebook - and if you really love them, share your thoughts in the comments!

And, most importantly, come and see them live on Thursday 12th April.

Brighton Girl Fundraiser Gig x QM Records
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