Brighton Band Interview: Naveen

Naveen are newcomers to the music scene, having only started playing live in February, but they've already started to take Brighton by storm - with a few London dates coming up, too.

Our friends, QM Records, have been rooting for Naveen from the beginning and have put them on the bill for our Brighton Girl Fundraiser event on Thursday 12th April. 

We're so excited to hear them live in just a few days time - and if you're a London Grammar fan, you'll be excited, too.

We had a quick chat with them to find out a little more before the gig on Thursday.

How did you guys meet?

Well, Mike and Shana met a couple of years ago as they played in a function band together. But the rest of us all met at university by Shana demanding us to be a band randomly one day! 

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Your first gig was only back in February, but you've picked up some real traction! What advice can you give to bands that are just starting out?

Rehearse frequently, be honest and kind, and communicate with each other. Make sure you know who you're trying to connect with, and who your target audience is - and just make music and enjoy yourselves! 

Where are your favourite places to rehearse in Brighton?

Small pond, it is our second home! We spend all our time there rehearsing or in the recording studio. Seriously recommend it! There are some great people there

Which female-led Brighton bands are you loving at the moment? 

Curls for sure! Having Holly as their strong female lead with some great tunes.

We some behind the scenes shots of your 'Losing Love' music video on twitter! Where did you shoot and when can we expect to see it?

We shot the music video in this huge church on Lewes Road as we felt it connected a lot with the song itself, and it was so much fun! Expect it very soon, check our socials for regular updates! 

What's the future looking like for Naveen?

We have a lot of exciting stuff coming soon, some great gigs and new music coming out too. We've got some Canada plans in the works too, but we're not giving anything away just yet!

We'd like to thank Naveen for volunteering their time to do this gig, in order to help Brighton Girl raise the essential funds that we need to keep going. Please give them some love on Facebook - and if you really love them, share your thoughts in the comments!

Their single 'Losing Love' came out at the beginning of April, too, which you can buy on iTunes.

And, most importantly, come and see them live on Thursday 12th April.

Brighton Girl Fundraiser Gig x QM Records
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