Brighton Band Interview: Sweetmates

In a little under a week, Brighton duo, Sweetmates, will be plugging in their instruments at The Walrus in preparation for our fundraiser show, kindly hosted by QM Records.

For those who are just hearing of Sweetmates for the first time, they're an Indie/pop/electro act made up of two friends, Sam Bunker and Declan Rodgers. It's their sole purpose in life is to make you dance like a sugar high teen.

And where better to dance like a sugar high teen than in the basement of The Walrus (which is an incredible space for gigs, by the way).

Before they took to the stage, we thought we'd get to know them a little better. 

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How did the two of you meet? 

Our shared love for pints of oat milk and honey-less granola bars on our cycles to school.

What do you love about performing in Brighton?

The best thing about playing in Brighton is we always have a good time, people love a night out here!

Which Brighton-based band are you most excited about at the moment?

It’s hard to pick one you know, our pals over at Jumanji have some real nice tunes and we love playing with those guys. Penelope Isles are also putting some awesome stuff together at the moment too!

Your latest EP had influences from EDM all the way through to traditional rock, do you think this is the style the rest of your music will have?

Those two elements have been the core of our sound in different doses since we began for sure. We love to write music with good energy, so it feels natural to draw from influencers who share the same idea.

Sweetmates Brighton Band

Will there be a studio album soon?

No not this year, at the moment we’re enjoying putting out a couple of songs at a time. We’ll definitely let you know when we’re ready!

What does the future look like for Sweetmates?

The future looks real nice like cardboard cut outs of David Beckham on stage at our shows from now on. But really, we’ve got a few festivals coming up this summer, got more tunes and more shows coming your way! The future is real nice, bright and covered in body paint.

We'd like to thank Sweetmates for volunteering their time to do this gig, in order to help Brighton Girl raise the essential funds that we need to keep going. Please give Sweetmates some love on Facebook - and if you really love them, share your thoughts in the comments!

And, most importantly, come and see them live on Thursday 12th April.

Brighton Girl Fundraiser Gig x QM Records
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