Brighton Based Start Up WayCup Makes Buying Coffee Easier And Cheaper Than Ever

As supposedly 98% of Brighton‘s population consists of hopeless coffeeholics (this is at least undeniably implied by the massive overflow of new coffeeshops sprouting at every possible corner), a new app now aims to make our coffee addiction easier and most importantly - cheaper!

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WayCup is a Brighton based startup that let‘s you buy coffee bundles from local independent cafés via an app offering up to 20% off. Personally, I am an enormous fan of the „coffeeshop=office“ idea and regularly feel nauseous thinking about how much money I spend on coffee to earn a seat and work on the magazine or my uni work, so this is a great way to save some bucks.

Traditionally, coffee shops hand out loyalty cards which would only give you a free drink if you managed to get 9 stamps without losing your card over such a period of time. With this app all you need is your phone. You make your purchase directly via the app and you can use Google Pay and Apple Pay to speed things up and just show the QR code to your local barista. It is super easy to use and there’s no need to frantically fish your wallet from the bottom of your bag. The coffees are also redeemable for 60 days, so you should roughly calculate your monthly coffee intake before making a purchase.

waycup brighton girl coffee app
waycup brighton girl coffee app

I also have to mention that that this app is currently rather suitable for people with a regular café they go to and drink they order, as the app does not let you buy from different shops or different drink categories in one bundle, yet. This does not really bother me as a cappuccino drinker, but when buying a bundle of 20 I realise one might want some variety. However, I was informed by founder Zac, that this feature is being worked on and most coffee shops do let you swap out the drinks for something else.

Another great thing about WayCup is, that you’re being rewarded for your loyalty for as little as a bundle of 5 coffees, so you don’t have to invest a lot of money at once. WayCup also gives 5% of all of their profits to various charities including the Brighton based East African Childrens’ Project charity. By using WayCup you’re not only supporting local businesses you’re also supporting great charitable causes whilst saving money!

The Coffee shops currently listed:

This is list is growing fast, so make sure you check out the app for the latest additions.

This is list is growing fast, so make sure you check out the app for the latest additions.

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It could not get any more Brighton that with coffee and charity, right?! Although there is still room for improvement, the WayCup app team is working on new features, such as sending drinks to a friend, a click & collect system and filters to help you discover new places that cater to your specific needs (vegan, dog-friendly etc.). I absolutely love the idea and spirit behind this and will definitely use it for my future coffee shopping when I need a little waycup! (sorry)

You can download the app here!

Written by our editor Anna Olivia Böke

Disclaimer: The coffee was given to Anna for free to write this review, but her opinions are her own.