Brighton Girls new year's resolutions 2017

2016 has left us - finally - and there's a real feeling in the Brighton Girl community (and beyond) that 2017 will be better for all of us.

The thing is, in order for things to get better, we have to work to make it that way. It can be argued - or eye-rolled as a total cliche - that there's never been a more relevant year to have a New Year's Resolution (or a dozen).

Throwing cynicism to the side, the Brighton Girls have be sharing their resolutions with each other in our secret Facebook group. With their permission, we thought we'd share them with you as a source of inspiration or reassurance.


"Learn how to drive" - Jess

"Make the most of the amazing music, comedy and theatre of Brighton by getting out to more things!" - Sofaya (Christy seconded this!)

"Lose the weight from my depression, work hard to be a better person, perfect my French and Spanish, finish my MA, go to NYC to volunteer" - Ines

"Leave my phone at home more, do more work I love and less work I hate, relax." - Kitty

"Complete my 30 before I'm 30!" - Leanne

"Live without the fear of failure, drink more water, pass my A2 bike license." - Sophia

"Lose weight, stop biting my nails, learn French and redecorate my flat!" - Christy

"To build up my immunity by good nutrition, exercise and lowering my stress levels!" - Aliya

"To pay all the money I lent myself from savings in 2016! And start yoga/improve my flexibility" - Rosie

"To just eat meat twice a week and quit smoking" - Izzy

"To start pilates or some other fitness based thing! To do what makes me happiest without stressing about societal pressures to do the opposite!" - Toni

"More Positive Vibes!" - Lauren

"After being inspired by a lot of you lovely ladies - it's to start a blog!" - Hannah

"Sing at Karaoke, go on a date, go on a silent retreat and have one day a week where I'm more relaxed with food rules" - Victoria

"Mine is to 'not hold back' - if I feel it I'm going for it"  - Donna

"To exercise and eat well for vitality, not weight loss. Healthy body = healthy mind. And to push one step closer to working in music full time, however that may be." - Becky

"Sounds stupid but grow a spine! I've always been very cowardly and a doormat so i'd quite like to work on that this year." - Madeleine

Do you have the same resolutions as any of our girls? Let us know! 

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