Brighton Girls Choice: The Best Hairdressers In Brighton And Hove

From observing the content in our Brighton Girl Facebook group, that by now includes more than 3000 girls, I noticed a regularly recurring request: Recommendations for a reasonably priced and most importantly, GOOD hairdresser in Brighton and Hove.

hairdressers brighton and hove

Last week I have posted a poll in the group and asked everyone to add and vote for their favourite hairdresser and comment on their choice.

I am hoping to end this everlasting quest for safe hands to trust our beloved locks with and want to share my investigations with you in this article. Whether you are looking to tame your curls or want a more queer cut, the girls have thought of everything!

Brighton Girls voted - Here is the list of their favourite hairdressers:

1st Place: Cuttlefish Eco Salons 

The uncontested first place goes to Cuttlefish with 63% of votes. A regular women’s cut there costs between £40-50 and is within the (unfortunately) relatively standard range of women’s cuts prices in Brighton. However, once you see the interior and nice staff you will not want to leave again. Also, as the name already suggests, they use sustainable, cruelty free and vegan products which we absolutely love.

credit: Cuttlefish Instagram

credit: Cuttlefish Instagram

Neon Hair Boutique

Colourful and quirky cuts - as promised by name. Located in Seven Dials this Salon is open since 2012. You can get a wash, cut and blow dry package for £49,40.

Ciscos Karma

A salon advertising with very personal service and consulting. They also have natural product alternatives and with £39-59, depending on stylist, they are absolutely in the range of what we are used to here. According to a Brighton Girl:

- “Scott at Neon is great, they are up by Seven Dials, Cisco’s is tucked in the Arcade in the lanes by Sweaty Betty.... both a group of really hardworking individuals and provide top notch do’s”

Viksi Salon

This Salon is run by Hair and beauty Youtuber Viksi. She will cut your hair with passion and help with any beauty queries you have. After the cut you can always refer back to her channel for hair styles and tips &tricks. I do feel I need to mention this was a self-nomination, but there was certainly more than one vote!

Joe Does Curl

With 20 years of experience, he is an absolute expert in his field. It is advised to call or text him and arrange an appointment as there is no salon or company behind this myth of a man.

A Brighton Girl on Joe: “Best curl cutter there is. Bit of a wait list to see him because he is so good but he is an absolute genius when it comes to curly hair “


This salon is situated in an art gallery and consists of exactly one chair. It is perfect for those who get bored and would like to see some art while being edited head-warts instead of the questionable gossip magazines you have to usually keep up with. A cut here is £40.

credit: Brush website

credit: Brush website

A Brighton Girl commented: “I find it super hard to find hairdressers that will do more queer / andro cuts (…) I found The Bomb really good. They charge by hair length rather than by gender and gave me the cut I wanted.”

The Bomb - Allsex Hairdresser

Whatever you have between your legs, this hairdresser charges per length, not gender! We think this deserves an applause and should really be an example to all. The haircuts range from £17 for short, £22 for medium, £27 for long hair and £7 for beard or fringe cuts. The absolute cheapest solution we found, which does not damage to the quality as of what we heard…

Mooch Hairdressing

A retro style hairdresser that makes no distinction between women’s and men’s cuts. For £43-65 you can get a great cut and take in the ultimate vintage atmosphere. Quiff? - Here we come!!

Written by Anna Olivia Böke (and the Girls)