Brighton Girls React to the Snap General Election

She kept us on edge of our seats all morning, but finally Prime Minister Theresa May announced in a statement that she was set to seek a snap general election taking place on the 8th June this year. Being located in such a politically-charged city, Brighton Girl are intrigued to find out how everyone reacted to this surprising announcement.

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Below, we've created a little debate of our own by rounding up just some of the Brighton Girls’ responses to this unanticipated political decision made by May.

“Although I'm not surprised, I am concerned. With so little notice, the opposition will struggle to be strong enough to oppose a government that will, if they win (which they will), use that win as a mandate to go ahead with hard Brexit regardless of the consequences. I'm also concerned that the short run up to the election doesn't give a lot of time for people to get registered, especially young people who are very likely not to be registered to vote.” - Cara

“It's a major concern that this is happening with little time to get registered. It doesn't give people enough time to get properly educated on the matter. This isn't a decision to be rushed. For us, it's one of the most important elections of our time. Article 50 has been triggered and changing political parties would disrupt things even more - which, obviously, the Tories know. I sense it's just another situation that's going to push people away from politics because it's 'too complicated', when they really need to be spurring towards it.” - Pippa

“I don't think it's a great thing. I think that it's a sure thing the Conservatives will win as there is very little opposition at the moment, so I think it's just a clever move to legitimise her leadership, as I've heard some people complain that she wasn't elected, as she just took over from Cameron.” - Harriet

"I think it's incredibly sneaky as there won't be time for a decent campaign from the opposition. Basically the Tories are bound to get in, and frankly, if they do I'm gonna have to move to Berlin fairly soon..." - Lana

“An attempt at orchestrating the end of Labour?” - Rachel

“I also think there is some kind of motive behind her decision in taking advantage of Labour being so divided at the moment. All feels very calculated.” - Roisin

What are your thoughts on May’s decision to seek this sudden snap general election? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or Facebook.

Whatever they are, make sure that if you have an opinion, you make it count by registering in time for this potential election on the 8th June.