Brighton Girl's Favourite Female Comedians

We love funny women (and let's face it, most of us are hilarious), so it only made sense to share our faves in hopes of discovering that comedienne which makes you giggle until you piddle! We've included links to their next shows in Brighton - some of the shows we've linked are in London because we think they're well worth the trip!

Sara Pascoe

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Not only is Sara Pascoe very funny, but she’s also super smart and wrote a book on the female body and experience using proper science facts to back it up and managed to do so in a really accessible and snort-on- the-train laughing kind of way. Her stand up is always slightly awkward and relatable and she is not afraid to talk about her sex life and how she cries on a near daily basis over things no-one should really cry about (and posts photos of them on her Instagram. Plus she’s a (sort of) Brighton Girl as she studied at the University of Sussex!

See Sara Pascoe live at Wyndham's Theatre, London in January. You can get tickets here.

Elf Lyons

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Elf Lyons thinks outside of the box when it comes to her comedy. Whilst tapping into topics which can only be regarded as taboo (such as wanting to kill her mother), she brings a visual element of comedy by dressing up as different characters, namely a franglais-speaking parrot. Not only is she a fantastically funny comedien but she is also a talented writer and director - she created The Secret Comedians and is the co-director of OddFlock.

Elf Lyons is performing at Hysterical Women an event taking place at The Bill Murray, Islington, London. You can buy tickets here.

- Pippa

London Hughes

Can someone explain how to laugh uncontrollably while trying not to draw too much attention to yourself? This is something you might wanna perfect before you see London, because she will 100% make you snort-laugh. Her comedy is big, bold, personal and outrageous. 

There are no London Hughes events in the pipeline, but keep an eye out for her because she's not one to miss!

Juliette Burton

Remember the banned Protein World “Are you beach body ready” adverts? Well, Juliette Burton was a key figure in the fight to ban them. Talking openly in her shows about her battles with extreme weight gain and loss, depression and being sectioned, her shows somehow are uplifting and funny and extremely personal. She also personally greets and compliments you on the way in, and gives hugs on the way out. Her shows sell out fast, so catch her while you can.

Keep an eye on Juliette's website so you can keep update on her latest shows!

Sofie Hagen

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Sofie Hagen is like a breath of fresh air in the comedy scene. She normally breaks the ice with the audience by explaining she is from Denmark (woo go Denmark) which immediately gains a lot of respect because she's doing stand up in a second language! Sofie Hagen is not afraid to embrace topics which most people shy away from, such as 'chubby chasers' and peeing on a one night stand. Her comedy combines taboo with every day scenarios making her not only hilarious but grounded and relatable.

Sofie is so popular most of her upcoming shows are already sold out! But you can still see her in London on the 5th of March at Soho Theatre. You can get tickets here.

Anna Morris

We have all had that one friend who was/is a bridezilla, and if you don't, then I'm afraid to tell you it might be you. Anna Morris perfectly depicts the decisions and attitudes of a bridezilla in her Youtube channel, playing the character of Georgina. Anna has really tapped into a very popular (and hilarious) topic here as the world becomes increasingly more wedding-mad. Anna Morris not only entertains on Youtube, but does stand up as well as appearing in various TV shows, such as Bad Bridesmaid. Having already completed a tour around Australia and entertained sold-out audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe, you don't want to miss out on her shows when she rocks up in your city!

Anna is coming to London next March at Soho Theatre. Tickets aren't out yet, but make sure to keep an eye on her website so you can grab your tickets!

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