Brighton Influencer Spotlight: Lareese Craig

Behind The Scenes Of Brighton’s Favourite Influencers

As we all know, Brighton is a place full of creatives, but recently there has been a noticeable rise in the amount of stunning blogger feeds that show Brighton in its best light. The Brighton Influencer Spotlight is a series of Brighton babes that are creating stunning Instagram content and always find the prettiest houses to get their #OOTD.

Spending time on Instagram is now also a guide to find the newest places to eat and see the loveliest food before you’ve even looked up the menu. This interview series introduces fabulous influencers who live in Brighton or the surrounding area and take advantage of the best of what the city has to offer to create their content.

Next up is Lareese Craig, 27, a full time social media manager, part time blogger and moved to Brighton three years ago. She took part in the series on Insta-Interviews and gave me so many more places to try out for food!

Lareese Craig Brighton girl Influencer

Describe your blog in 3 words:

Colloquial, introspective, open

Brighton’s best background:

I love Montpelier Villas. It’s my favourite road in Brighton and I always go running down that way just so I can pass the houses on that street. There’s a gorgeous pink house just around the corner from there and that’s one of my favourite backdrops. Aside from that, you can’t go wrong with The Lanes.

No. 1 tip for Instagram:

Don’t get too caught up in what everyone else is doing! First and foremost, your content should make YOU happy. As soon as you lose sight of your own creative aspirations, it’s like falling down a rabbit hole of self-doubt. Listen to your instincts, have considered conversations with your community and always reply to comments with something more than an emoji.

You’ve got to learn to give a lot and nurture the relationship you’ve built with your followers. Their voice is equally as important as yours. It’s like feeding a Tamagotchi. You can’t just post content and hope for the best. It needs constant attention and work to sustain it.

Share the love:

Chloe Plumstead – Her words and the way she holds herself in the online space is commendable. I feel like we’d be very good pals IRL

Nadia Meli – Again, her words never fail to move me and the way she can translate people and tell a story with her photography is utterly captivating.

Lorna Luxe – She combines fashion and wit like no one else can!

Disasters of a Thirty Something – I’m very drawn to captions and boy does this woman know how to write one. She’s a fantastic story teller. I love her daily commentaries on the peaks and pits of life. I actively seek them out, if that jammy algorithm tries to withhold them from me.

Lydia Millen – I just think she’s a really ruddy nice human and she works forking hard.

Francesca Perks  – I only discovered her this year! Her feed, her tone of voice, her willingness to show her vulnerability… she’s a good egg.

Chloe Jade_Story – Again, a fairly recent discovery for me but she’s someone who has a beautifully curated feed without compromising her commitment to showing the real.

How Many Holidays – Her stories make me howl.

lareese craig brighton girl influencer spotlight

Favourite piece of equipment:

I’m not too well versed in the tech department, but I love my handy compact Olympus Pen 7 and VSCO is my favourite editing app. I also love Unfold for creating interesting artsy Stories for Instagram. I would very much like to upgrade to a “proper” DSLR camera someday and upskill my photography.

How did you start as an influencer?

Like most people, I started by launching my blog 3 years ago and then went from there. I started to take social media seriously, particularly Instagram, and ensured I posted consistently every day. I really enjoy creating content so I don’t begrudge doing it or see it as a chore at all - I’d happily potter round, styling flat lays for a living. Maybe I should be a set stylist, ha.

What do you love about living in Brighton?

Oh, everything. But mostly its character and the people! I was born and raised in West Sussex and moved to central Brighton 3 years ago, as I was commuting to London every day at the time.

Brighton is a vibrant, progressive, beautiful city. From the independent coffee shops to the quirks of The Lanes, it’s easy to stumble across something of intrigue here. I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of living here. It’s a good place and it’s certainly my happy place. Plus, the dogs are great round here.

lareese craig brighton influencer spotlight

Best places to shop in Brighton?

There’s so many interesting independents in Brighton – Igigi’s general store has a lovely curated selection of homeware and interiors. I also love Diplocks Yard and North Laine Bazaar for hunting down a bargain. Wolf & Gypsy and Tidy Street Store are great for unique fashion pieces. I also love Lavender Rooms for finding little trinkets for the home. We have a great selection of independents here and it’s so important to support them where we can, because sadly they risk closure if we don’t. I spend a lot of time and money in Magazine Brighton, too. I can often be found perusing the shelves in there (just don’t tell them I secretly sniff the pages when no one’s looking). Posh Totty, too.

Favourite place to eat in Brighton?

How long have you got, ha! I live to eat. I love Café Rust for breakfast, Flour Pot bakery on Sydney Street for their doughnuts and coffee, or their new seafront venture for lunch and a good view of the sea. The Pond do great Taiwanese bao bun and nibbles. Also Brass Monkey – the best ice cream I’ve ever had (honey and lavender is my all time favourite and Phil, the owner is lovely). Three Stack, Nowhere Man and Starfish & Coffee for the best pancakes in Brighton. Lost in the Lanes is another lovely lunch spot. If I want to go big with a slap up roast dinner, I like The Walrus, The Good Companions or The Sussex Yeoman. I still haven’t tried Silo but I love their inventive zero waste approach to cooking so it’s on the top of my must-eat list.

Thanks to Lareese for taking the time to answer my questions. Make sure you check out her Instagram as well.

Written by Gabriella from Travel with Gabriella