COMPETITION: Free day at Plat9rm, Candy Kittens talk tickets (and more)

The lovely folk at StartUpU, Candy Kittens and Platform 9 are offering a competition to all Brighton Girl members as part of the promotion of their 'Screw it, just do it' business talk with the Candy Kittens founders on Wednesday 17th January.


This giveaway includes the following:

  • A free day pass at Platform 9
  • One free ticket to the 'Screw it, just do it' event
  • A meet and greet with the Candy Kittens founders (and a selfie, too)
  • A big box of Candy Kitten sweets

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Ends Sunday 14th January at midnight.

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The story behind our involvement in this campaign


The problem

Before I leave you to fill out your details, I just wanted to shine a light on a conversation that many of the readers will be aware of. 

When we were initially asked to promote the Candy Kitchen's event, we felt conflicted. On one side, it's always great to hear how successful entrepreneurs grew their businesses, but the Candy Kitten's founders, famously including Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing, have access to money that many of us could never imagine - which, arguably, could make this event a little unrelatable to our members. 

We're still learning too, you see. 

So, having seen quite a few controversial discussions about the event across social media, Imogen (the City Girl Network's COO) and I, decided the best things to do was ask the members what they thought.

And with that, sparked a discussion of very mixed views, for instance...

The discussion

"I wouldn't be interested in a talk by someone who grew their business largely through their an endless supply of family money... heir to mcvities etc."

"I think it’s a good idea, if it’s possible to include a Q&A at the end so someone can ask the question."

"It is a great opportunity to meet people outside of the smaller business circle, relatable or not, the philosophy should remain the same, if you’re a multimillion pound company or a small local business."

"People who've grown their businesses based on various privileges they already had have little useful to say to bootstrappers."

"I don’t think we should discriminate against an entrepreneur just because they’re using all the possible opportunities, contacts and platforms they have access to. I would do the same if I had the chance."

"Ethically speaking, the idea of Candy Kittens is in my view rather demoralising."

All Brighton Girls can read the discussion in full over on our Facebook group.

The Conclusion

After a day of deliberations and reading through all of the comments made, we found that - whilst there were plenty of arguments on the 'no' side - excluding someone's story because of their wealth does go against what we stand for in our community. So, as explained in my response below, we decided to promote this event but actively encourage our girls (as always) to speak up and ask questions if they find the event unhelpful or unrelatable. 

"Thank you SO MUCH to everyone for taking the time to comment on this issue. Your honesty is hugely appreciated and we've got an amazing insight into making decisions like these going forwards.

Having read all of your comments, we've decided that we will be promoting the event. But we'll also be focusing on the importance of speaking up and asking questions to the Candy Kittens boys. You think something's bullshit or irrelevant? Say it. Our voices are our power.

I spoke to the organiser of the event about our concerns and he said the following:

"That’s great that people are talking about the event, positive or negative, it’s great to have these discussions in a country that allows free speech.

Those are just the kind of entrepreneurs I would encourage to come to the event & ask Jamie that very question - our audience in Bournemouth did when we hosted the guys last year. He’s very open, wears his heart in his sleeve, he says they started without any money from his family as he wanted to do it on his own, and taking people at face value I believe him.

That’s not to say they didn’t leverage everything available to them when they started, who wouldn’t, buy funnily enough, he answers those questions & says he soon dropped promoting it on MIC as it didn’t have the desired effect! He’ll answer anything, it’s a great story in how they leveraged social media to grow their brand as his original idea was to open a bricks and mortar sweet shop until he met Ed."

If you'd like to hear the story of Candy Kittens and ask Jamie and Ed about any of the issues raised in this comment thread, tickets can be found here:…

Thanks again - there'll be many more of these questions over the next year!

Big love x"

Thank you so much to all of the girls who took part in this conversation and the organiser of this event for all of your advice and understanding. We want to build a community that focuses on empowering, inspiring and supporting young women in Brighton - and the best way to ensure we're sticking to that mission is to simply ask.

Best of luck to everyone who's entering the competition and I really hope all attendees enjoy the talk! 

Pippa, Founder of Brighton Girl (and the City Girl Network) x

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