The Creepiest Films On Netflix Right Now

Are you in the market for something down right freaky to get in the spirit of the season? There's just no better time to trawl through Netflix looking for your next suspense or horror-filled fix than Halloween! The thrill-seekers amongst Brighton Girl bring you their top chilling movies and TV series on Netflix UK just in time for fright night itself. Sit back, relax and just try to keep your cool throughout these freaky finds.


An independent thriller which really gives you the heebie-jeebies; protagonist Maddie is deaf and lives in a cottage alone in the woods and is visited one night by a masked man – who she cannot hear. Cue nail biting tension and you screaming at the TV telling her to turn around.

The Craft

90s teen supernatural thriller which has become something of a cult classic. Newcomer to school Sarah has powers that catch the attention of three of her classmates. The coven then takes it upon themselves to avenge those who have wronged them. Think Mean Girls on acid!

From Dusk Till Dawn

A Christian family join forces with their on-the-run kidnappers and a bunch of bikers after stumbling into a vampire den in this cult classic. Quentin Tarantino plays the disturbed brother with a taste for murder, whilst George Clooney becomes the unlikely hero. Gripping and hilarious.


So, it's not exactly scary anymore, but who can deny this classic slasher? This lightly humorous horror, combined with fierce 90’s fashion and a no-one-is-safe-unless-you’re-a-virgin mentality makes for a highly entertaining watch, whilst still delivering on the suspense.

The Talented Mr Ripley

Whilst not a conventional horror, this psychological thriller will leave you feeling disturbed. Matt Damon plays a desperate man who stops at nothing to protect himself, faking it to live a life of luxury. Lies, manipulation, obsession and murder create a thrilling story that will leave you with chills.

American Horror Story

The opening credits is enough to raise the hair on our arms, but the fantastic cast and gripping stories of each series have kept us enthralled. This Halloween, watch Freak Show for a small town plagued by a killer clown, casting a dark shadow onto the resident circus freaks.


DS John Luther is a detective who straddles the line between being on the right and wrong side of the law. Four series each with different story lines to get your teeth into – the perfect box set to binge on this Halloween. Series 3 ramps up the thrill factor, get ready to hide behind a cushion.

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