DIY Halloween Decorations you need to make

Halloween is just round the corner and whilst you've been busy sorting out your costume and finding the cheapest Halloween party to attend, you've forgotten to glam your house up with some Halloween-styled I right? Don't worry, Brighton Girl is here to provide you with some last minute, quick and easy Halloween decorations to make your home spookilicious!

1. Handmade Bats!

 Photo by  Made Everyday

Photo by Made Everyday

I found this on a blog by MadeEverday who was inspired by Country Living. These bats look amazing! Dana even provides you with a free template that you can download so then all you need for yourself is some black card, some selotape and a trusty pair of scissors! It's quick and easy to do..although if you want to make 100 then I'm sure you'll need a bit of time and patience! But it's a good excuse to get a group of friends together for an afternoon activity. You can find more Halloween templates provided on Country Living, if you decide bats aren't for you!


 Photo by  Made Everyday

Photo by Made Everyday

 Photo by  Made Everyday

Photo by Made Everyday

2. Bloody Towel

I guess I never thought about this but it is so simple and great to creep out your guests when they use the bathroom. Just buy a cheap white towel and get creative with some fake blood! I like this idea because you can really use your imagination. You could even write a passive aggressive threat to those who don't wash their hands - we all know who they are.


 Idea and Photo by  The Design Dare Devil

Idea and Photo by The Design Dare Devil

3. Bin bag Cobwebs

Want something dramatic but also super cheap? If you're lazy like me then this will be perfect because you won't even need to leave your home to go to the shop (unless you're out of bin bags!). I found a great tutorial online by Jessica Jones (howaboutorange), who explains how to make them really clearly!

 Photo by howaboutorange

Photo by howaboutorange

 Photo by  howaboutorange

4. Crayon Drip Art Pumpkin

Wow, this pumpkin immediately caught my eye! I love the colours and it's so easy to make at home! All you need is a pumpkin (real or fake), a bit of glue, crayons and a hairdryer. This is perfect for those of you who don't want to mess around with carving pumpkins, or just simply want a pumpkin that's unique! Here's a tutorial by theswelldesigner for those who want a colourful Halloween!


5. Milk Bottle Ghost Lamps

Fancy welcoming your guests into your home with some friendly ghosts? Look no further.. here are some ghoulish-looking milk cartons! All you need is empty milk cartons, a battery-operated tea light, and a black sharpie! And away you go! Quick and easy... and it can be so much fun to create the different designs!

 Photo by  WonderfulDIY

Photo by WonderfulDIY

Written by Imogen

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