Fitness Review: Kettlebelles – A Women’s Only Kettlebell Class

Our Brighton Girl and certified fitness trainer Alice could not resist the itch to test a female-only class called “Kettlebelles” for us. She has reviewed many classes for us before and they always look amazing (Click here for more reviews), so we did not think twice to send her and find out all about training quality and atmosphere.

Image by Brighton Kettlebelles

Image by Brighton Kettlebelles

Atmosphere / Instructor

The class took place in BHASVIC school, in the sports centre on dyke road. There’s free parking, showers and changing rooms. I was surprised by the number of women who turned up! We were roughly 30, if I remember well and there were women of all ages.

The atmosphere was very relaxed and fun. I believe, if you want to get into fitness, make sure the atmosphere is awesome. We’re not in the army, so that’s what fitness should always be like. I met Sue the fitness teacher, who is full of energy, absolutely hilarious and always smiling which made it even more fun.

What to expect / Fitness level :

We had to divide into groups of three people and perform basic exercises using both our bodyweight and kettlebells. There were three exercises per station, 40 sec per exercise. Each exercise had a letter : a, b or c. For example, a) squat jumps, b) push ups and c) kettlebell swings.

The exercises were intense, because they had to be done as quickly as possible and had 20 sec rest between each exercise. However, the exercises were basic fitness moves that you’d know very well if you’re into fitness, but if you’re not it’s a great way to start! We worked all muscles and had the choice between 8, 10 or 12kg kettlebells, so it felt easier to do the high intensity circuits and focus on the speed.

After 45 mins of sweaty training and fun, (let’s not forget the uplifting background music) we then gathered in front of the teacher, Sue, to do some bodyweight moves like air squats and bridges to work on our glutes. The perfect little finisher to our workout.


What to wear: It’s a high intensity circuit, so anything short-sleeved, and a good pair of trainers.

In a nutshell :

It was a very warm and stormy day, so doing this HIIT was a little bit of a challenge because of the weather, but it flew by and it’s a great introduction to HIIT and circuit training if you haven’t tried it before. I really like the fact that it included women of all ages and all level and worked our cardiovascular system a lot.

If you’re interested in getting back to shape the fun way whilst using high intensity in your training, go visit the website and book from there; Kettlebelles classes run every Wednesday 7pm – 8pm.

Written by Alice-Rose Brard

Disclaimer: The class was given to Alice for free in return for this review, but her opinions are her own.