Fitness Review: Stretch 'N' Roll Workshop By Strong Living PT Shelley Buxey

Are you one of those people who ditch the pre and post workout stretches ? If so, read this article below and you’ll never want to miss a stretching sesh again.

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Why? I too used to find myself skipping the stretches when I work out simply because I didn’t consider it necessary, at least not as much as the training session itself. However, missing out on the stretching can result in pain and injuries.

I was lucky to be invited to rview personal trainer Shelley’s ’Stretch ‘n’ Roll’ workshop in the Fitnesshub studio on Circus Parade near London Road. The workshop gathered around ten people of all age groups – some faces were familiar, too !

Shelley talked us through the benefits of stretching while having us evaluate our flexibility too. We started off with some PNF stretching (Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) – the one that hurts most, but leaves us feeling a-mazing after and we all got paired up. We experienced stretching with a partner and how intense this was, but also, and weirdly enough extremely relaxing.

We also did some dynamic stretching of our quads, glutes and chest using the TRX, the pull up bar and our bodyweight. We ended the workshop using the foam rollers and learnt how to safely and effectively stretch our calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, back and neck.

Shelley went through all the benefits of stretching and using the foam rollers by also scientifically explaining how our body works. I have personally been using more of this into my fitness routine especially, because I have been experiencing joint pain due to over-training – I have noticed a big difference and my DOMS (Delayed-Onset muscle soreness) have been a lot less painful, too!  

This workshop was extremely interesting, as it was based on practice and theory, so if you’re interested in the science of our muscles please reach out to Shelley and come to her workshops! Shelley has been a personal trainer for over eight years and has run a few previous workshops like ‘How To Master The Kettlebell Swing’ or ‘How To Squat Right’. Find more info on the Strong Living website and Instagram.

Written by Alice-Rose Brard