Free Brighton Fringe Acts Brighton Girls Will Love

They say the best things in life are free. Well, that’s certainly the case for some of the shows that will be featured during this year’s Brighton Fringe! Whilst these performances may not be ticketed, they are certainly unmissable. We've selected a few that Brighton Girls won't want to miss out on.

Behind the Beats

When: 6th - 28th May (10am)
Where: Spectrum Photographic

Hosted by Spectrum, this visual arts display showcases some of the most iconic movements over the last 50 years that have inspired fashion, music and stories alike. From the popular Punks, to the Grime and Garage we are familiar with today, visitors can explore some of the memorabilia and recordings of the very people who experienced them.


Correct Me if I’m Wrong

When: 8th-12th May (4.20pm)
Where: Blue Man

Dive deep into discussions surrounding gender whilst simultaneously extending your encyclopedia of knowledge and words. In a unique comedy act, Claire hopes to help you understand more about your body, as well as the perceptions society has of you.

Andrea Hubert: Work in Progress

When: 8th May and 30th-31st May (6.15pm)
Where: Laughing Horse @ Caroline of Brunswick

In a free performance, award-winning comedian Andrea Hubert takes to the Caroline of Brunswick stage in an evening of comedy and consent discussions.

A Fantastically Weird Reading From Madeleine Swann

When: 14th May (11am, 1pm and 3pm)
Where: MADE Brighton

In an exclusive reading, Madeleine Swann delivers a spoken word performance from her latest novella ‘Rainbows Suck’, in which we experience the surreal, dark world of protagonist Aisha.

About an hour

When: 14th May (3pm),  25th May (11pm)
Where: Broadway Lounge

In an hour of stand-up, explore the lives of comedians Roz, Jules and Catherine, whose wonderful work has been featured on both BBC Radio and Radio 4Extra.

Femme Fatale Show: Cabaret and Burlesque Night

When: 26th May (8.30pm)
Where: Grosvenor G Casino Brighton

In a spectacular showcase of music and dancing, the Grosvenor Casino Brighton plays host to a night filled with musical favourites, from ‘Chicago’, ‘Sweet Charity’ and ‘Cabaret’, to their own popular burlesque performance.

Amy Howerska. Progress (Work Inn)

When: 30th-31st May and 1st-3rd June (7.30pm)
Where: Caroline of Brunswick

A Fringe favourite, Welsh comedian Amy Howerska comes to Brighton after a successful year that saw her feature everywhere, from TV to radio. The sell-out star hopes to provide a night of hilarious stand up.

Fringe City Night

When: 2nd June (6pm)
Where: New Road

In a Fringe finale, New Road invites you to an exclusive night of celebrating the creativity that has graced this years fringe. Expect live music, cabaret, circus, acrobatics and more!

What acts are you looking forward to during this year’s Fringe? If there’s any other performances you think we’ll love, then get in touch with us on our Facebook page.

Written by Lauren.