Game of Thrones: Brighton's Top Toilets

Everyone loves a good bathroom. Despite it's obvious uses, they can also be a place for a bit of peace and quiet or even unexpected friendship. With that in mind, Game of Thrones is the ultimate competition to find the best throne in Brighton in some of the best eateries. After all, it can be the smallest thing that can give a restaurant the edge. A missing toilet roll, a dirty sink or  a unique design can make a difference between a return visit!

So who has the top toilets, the champion chalices and the lushest lavatories? We've picked a few loos that have stood out whilst eating our way through Brighton. The selfies are on us, girls!

Pike and Pine

Who hasn't seen this beauty all over Instagram lately? With its perfect lighting, large mirror and hint of green it's practically a bloggers dream. 

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With artwork by a local artist of a beautiful dragon guiding you down the stairs, the toilets are signed with neon lighting and bright colours. Inside you'll find a classic toilet with stunning circular mirrors and oversized sinks with two sets of taps.


Who doesn't love a funfair style mirror? Pick the angle and they can be the most flattering! With bright, patterned paint all over, just like the rest of the restaurant, these loos are worth a pic.


The opposite to meat liquors quirky cubicles, with a shared sink and large mirror these stylish loos are a 'gossip in the toilet' dream. We particularly love the inspirational, and sometimes very 'Brighton', quotes on the door.

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La Choza

While these aren't the biggest toilets, they're definitely the brightest. Get lost in the bold colours and detailed artwork while you pop a squat, and don't forget to take your phone. You'll want to grab a pic. 

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Written by Amara.