Brighton Girl Mother's Day Gift Guide

It's Mother's Day this Sunday... you didn't forget, did you? Well, whether you did (don't panic!) or you haven't found the perfect something for your lovely mum yet, we've got a handy little gift guide full of items from Brighton-based businesses that you can buy online or run to the shops to get ASAP. Happy shopping!

Posh Totty

Posh Totty pride themselves on creating unique and meaningful jewellery for the special people in your life no matter what the occasion might be. All their bespoke pieces are designed with an anti-throwaway ethos in mind and will be sure to stand the test of time. They also partner with Women for Women international, so not only are you gifting an amazing woman in your own life, you’re also benefiting other amazing women out there too.

Buy online or visit their store on Sydney St., Brighton

Brighton Girl recommends: Personalised Heart Necklace £49


Chocolate artisans like no other -  this chocolaterie offers what can only be described as delicious chocolate sculptures. From bespoke wedding cakes to handmade chocolatey gifts, Choccywoccydoodah is the place to go to get a gift for any Mum with a sweet tooth who appreciates the wow factor.  

Buy online or visit their store on Meeting House Lane, Brighton

Brighton Girl recommends: Cute Kitten £24.99

Bluebird Tea

As tea mixologists, Bluebird believes that delicious tea can make every day a happy one. Their innovative combinations have led to them becoming pioneers of the tea industry. This includes flavours such as their rhubarb and custard tea from their sweets collection, to a cheeky earl grey infused gin. They also do tea workshops which are well worth checking out!

Buy online or visit their store on Gardner St., Brighton.

Brighton Girl recommends: Limited Edition Mum’s Pic’n'Mix box £17.50

Roly’s Fudge

Mouth-watering, handmade fudge is made fresh in their store every day. If you’ve ever walked down Kensington St. in the lanes, you would have smelt this freshly-made deliciousness wafting around. From lemon meringue to classic rum and raisin, if your mum has a serious sweet tooth, this is the gift for her.

Buy online or visit their shop on Kensington St.

Brighton Girl recommends: Mother’s Day Fudge Selection £18.95

Eden Perfumes

As well as creating their own beautiful scents, Eden perfumes also recreate already established perfumes using vegan and organic ingredients. If they haven’t recreated it already, they will also match your favourite perfume and offer a refill service in store.

Buy online or visit their shop on Gardner St. or Western Rd.

Brighton Girl recommends: No.309 Daisy - Floral Woody Musk 30ml £18

StephieAnn Design

Brighton-based textiles designer Stephie Woolven creates beautiful designs inspired by poetry which she then prints onto silk and transforms into products such as camisoles, pyjamas, cushions, scarves and eye masks. All of her products are ethically and sustainably made in Britain. Unique and creative, slow-fashion you can feel good about gifting.

Buy online.

Brighton Girl recommends: Eve Lavender Infused Silk Eye Mask £23

Green Valleys

Using 100% natural, raw honey Green Valley offer a massive variety of delicious honey-based spreads. Their products range from traditional honeys of the world to more interesting combinations such as aloe vera honey and peanut butter honey.

Buy online or at Tea and Honey at the Open Market, Brighton

Brighton Girl recommends: Orange Blossom Honey £5.50

Midnight Deer

Handmade in Brighton, this jewellery is centred around raw crystals and jewels. The quirky designs, described as being inspired by nature and magic, offer something a little different from the usual jewellery scene while many of them are one of a kind. Each piece is sold with an info card which describes its properties and components. You also buy crystals and personalised jewellery too.  

Brighton Girl recommends: Simple Aquamarine Stone for calm and courage £6


This store is all about celebrating nature's houseplants and encouraging greening up your space. They love to pimp out shops and office spaces with gorgeous greenery and, according to their website, ‘Plants reduce stress, with one study concluding a 37-58% drop in stress related conditions in plant-loving offices’ and let’s be honest, mum’s could do with a helping hand. From swiss cheese plants, cactus’ and bonsai trees there’s a houseplant for any mum.  

Buy at their shop on Gardner St., Brighton.

Brighton Girl recommends: Spider plant gift voucher, from £10

Lola Hoad design

Lola uses hand lettering to create quirky sayings and motivational quotes which she then prints onto cards, notebooks, prints and bags. All her products are ethically and sustainably produced in Sussex on 100% recycled paper. There’s a great range from feel good quotes such as ‘You are capable of amazing things’ to the more tongue in cheek ‘I’m so glad I have found someone as miserable as me’. She can also create your own custom print, so you can gift a beautiful print that’s truly personal.  

Buy online.

Brighton Girl recommends: ‘Shop Independent’ screen printed tote bag £10

Cocoon Floatation Therapy

Cocoon Healing Arts Centre offer floatation tank therapy, which is said to be an incredible form of meditation and relaxation therapy as well as strengthening your immune system. The floatation tank mimics the conditions of being in the womb and, as a result, allow the mind, muscles and joints to completely relax. Experience gifts are great for minimalist mums or mums who already have everything they need and want in life. This one would certainly be an experience they wouldn’t forget.   

Buy online or at their shop on Gloucester Place, Brighton.

Brighton Girl Recommends: Off-Peak Single Tank Float £30

Malarky Cards

Sometimes all a mum wants is a thoughtful, handwritten card telling them how much they mean to us. The Malarkey card shop has such a fab range of cards from serious and sweet to absolutely hilarious and a little bit rude, so there’s something to suit every kind of mum. They also stock quirky little gifts.  

Buy at their shop on Bond St., Brighton.

Written by Hermione. Find more from Hermione over on her blog The Revival Collective.

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