Our favourite body positive Instagrammers

If your Instagram feed is starting to resemble a model agency’s books, then it’s time to swap the chiselled cheek bones and seemingly flawless perfection for something a bit less 'Pinterest-perfect' with more variety and positive messaging.

While we won't encourage you to hit the unfollow button (you're okay for now Kendal), we would love to share our favourite body positive Instagrammers with you. These lovely people channel acceptance and aren't afraid to delve into life's nitty gritty details. 


Before becoming a personal trainer, motivator and activist for women’s rights, Massy Arias suffered with depression and self-image issues. She managed to beat this through fitness, and is now trying to teach that there’s more to working out than having a six pack. Instead she promotes feeling good on the inside by being healthy mentally and emotionally as well as physically. For her, fitness is about being strong, independent and powerful – amen to that!


Bo is a surfer, athlete, model and body activist. At 17 she took part in the Women’s World Qualifying Series, where she reached the top 12 in the world in her final year on the tour, however she came up against difficulties when she found she was losing out on sponsorship opportunities because of her size.  She is now making it her mission to bring all sizes and types of women to the forefront of advertising, social media and athleticism. Her account is full of honest stories about her relationship with her body, inspirational quotes and great workout videos which are usually set on beautiful beaches.


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Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher and body positivity advocate based in North Carolina. Her classes provide a body positive approach to yoga which celebrates students’ bodies and encourages them to ask ‘How do I feel?’ rather than ‘How do I look?’. Her profile is full of photos of in her in different yoga poses, which are often accompanied by refreshingly honest descriptions about how hard she had to work to achieve them, as well as candid statuses about how she views her body.  


Megan Jayne Crabbe is an anorexia survivor and body positivity blogger whose Instagram account consists of inspirational posts and photos of her body. Megan is a believer in curating your social media feed with positive posts rather than those which make you feel like you’re not good enough. If that weren’t reason enough to follow her, she’s also got amazing rainbow coloured hair and posts the most amazing videos of her carelessly dancing in her underwear.


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This Aussie comedian has built her Instagram account around contrasting celebrity fashion shots with her own real-life re-enactments. Full of funny, un-retouched photos, her account is a great reminder that the celebrity driven world of Instagram isn’t at all reflective of real life, and is something that can be mocked rather than admired.  

If you’re interested in social media and the impact it can have, check out the episode ‘The Problem With a Pinterest-Perfect Life’ by podcast Stuff Mom Never Told You. It's well worth a listen. 

Written by Hannah. Find more from Hannah on her travel and lifestyle blog Richie Writes.