What happened when Cafe Plenty turned into a Pop Up Pug Cafe

When Brighton Girl was invited down to Cafe Plenty for the Pop Up Pug Cafe, Imogen, our greatest Borrow My Doggy fan (which is a hard enough title to claim in BG) leapt at the opportunity. 

Brace yourselves for a few minutes of Pugs that'll melt your heart and an excitable Imogen sharing how this event has made her month.

Turning up to Cafe Plenty 10 minutes before my allocated slot time, I could already see lots of cute pugs outside. My heart was racing, it was like a first date.

For those of you who haven't heard of it, Pop Up Pug Cafe is a unique events company turning coffee shops across the UK into a cafe that's ALL ABOUT PUGS.

As we waited for our time slot to come around, Pugs entertained themselves in the swimming pools and deck chairs  making Pug Owners and Pug Lovers very wet!

When the wait was over, we headed into Cafe Plenty to find it was wonderfully decorated with pug-related art and photos.


Whilst us humans tucked into delicious food and drink provided by Cafe Plenty, the pugs sampled their own 'puguccinos' and 'pawseccos', which went down a treat!

I had the best time! I got to cuddle loads of cute Pugs, meet their lovely owners and sample delicious food and drink! Every dog lover needs to look out for a Pop Up Pug Cafe event near them - and organisers, come back to Brighton soon!


Have you been to a Pug Cafe - or any other breed of dog cafe - before? We'd love to hear what you thought! And any recommendations of dog events we should send Imogen to next!

Words and photos by Imogen.

Disclaimer: Whilst Imogen's opinions are entirely her own, this post contains affiliate links, which enable us to make a small commission if you decide to follow in Imogen's footsteps of using Borrow My Doggy. This money helps us to keep the lights on.

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