Pop Up Pug Cafe: Royal Wedding Edition

Brighton Girl's Imogen attended the Pop Up Pug Cafe when it came to Cafe Plenty last July and has been in love with pugs ever since. It's true, I've seen her instagram feed! Imogen jumped at the chance to go again when she heard that it was coming back to Brighton with a very special theme.


This year's Pop Up Pug Cafe came with a twist as it was in celebration of the Royal Wedding later this month, which only meant one thing: There would not only be hundreds of pugs (which is already a dream) but hundreds of pugs in costumes. Here are some photos of greatest event in pug-wedding history.


The excitement was building as more and more pugs started arriving. It was a joyful occasion with all of the pugs greeting each other like they were catching up with old friends.. there's something about their little bum twitch, I love it!


 The pugs lapped up the endless amount of photo opportunties outside in the sunshine.

I said "smile!" but they decided to pull funny faces instead! Kobe & Bella  @Kobeandbellapugs

I said "smile!" but they decided to pull funny faces instead! Kobe & Bella @Kobeandbellapugs

Poppy and Alfie  @alfiethehairypug  with their costumes designed by  @theverydistinguishedpugcompany

Poppy and Alfie @alfiethehairypug with their costumes designed by @theverydistinguishedpugcompany

The pugcafe was filled with lots of pug-related decorations. Who else wants to know where they got the giant pug teddy from?!




There were also delicious treats on offer for guests.. I think they were mainly tailored for our four-legged friends!

And who can forget the tasty pugaccinos!

Lilly desperate for a Pugaccino!  @little_lil_pug

Lilly desperate for a Pugaccino! @little_lil_pug

Whilst waiting for bride and groom to head to the chapel, I made some friends along the way...

...with a few kisses....

I got to witness a real pug wedding, which started off at the beautifully decorated chapel

Frank & Poppy  @frankandpoppypugs

Frank & Poppy @frankandpoppypugs

Chester, Loki, & Pugsley  @thepugsplc

Chester, Loki, & Pugsley @thepugsplc

Their friends were so excited for them that they decided to join in too and get the party started

And after a few pugaccinos all the blurry, i-don't-want-to-see-these-tomorrow photos came to light..


Soon the celebrations came to an end and all the pugs needed to have a well deserved nap! Everyone, dogs and humans alike, had a wonderful time, and we would all like to say a massive thank you to Anushka for bring this delightful pug heaven down to Brighton!

(L-R) Bruce, Daisy and Billie  @billiedaisyandbrucepugblog

(L-R) Bruce, Daisy and Billie

Pugsley  @thepugsplc

Pugsley @thepugsplc

Dot and Luna ( @dotlunapug ) with wonderful outfits from  www.wagnwalkboutique.com

Dot and Luna (@dotlunapug) with wonderful outfits from www.wagnwalkboutique.com

Alfie and Poppy  @alfiethehairypug

Alfie and Poppy @alfiethehairypug

If you want to see more pug photos, check out our pug cafe post from last year!

The pop up pug cafe was absolutely fantastic - an event which brings a smile to my face and makes butterflies float around in my tummy. It's something that I have been looking forward to for many months, and boy was it worth the wait!

Want to check out if there's a Pug Cafe coming to your city? Check out their website here!
I've also noticed there is now a dachshund Pop Up Cafe... so keep your eyes peeled, I will certainly be attending!

Words and photos by Imogen.