Review: BlueBound At Green Door Store, 5th of December

A Night Of Vintage Fashion And Music

We are well and truly into the magical festive season, but honestly between the numbing post office cue, the awkward family engagements and the dangerous game of chicken I have with my credit card, I am in dire need of a break.

Luckily my respite was gifted midweek as I’m invited to  ‘Waiste Vintage Presents’ an evening of Brighton's best up and coming retro inspired bands. I’m thrilled as I swap out my Christmas Onesie for my cool-girl leather jacket and head down to The Green Door Store.

Central and intimate, this hole-in-the-wall live music club is difficult to find on your first time, but a real hidden gem once you do. I haven’t been here for a while and it’s pleasing to see the venue has evolved with the times while keeping its understated, effortlessly cool indie aura intact.
It’s busy and there’s a buzz at the bar where I'm introduced to a Brighton local rock band, BlueBound.

bluebound band brighton green door store review music gig

Tommy, Turlough and Charles are relaxed and humble before their set and my initial impression is that of each member's bold styles. Tommy is channelling some vintage Americana vibes in a Hawaiian floral shirt, however, Charles is clean cut wearing a simple white shirt paired with a Beatles inspired haircut. And then there’s Turlough, who has some gorgeous shiny, shoulder-length seventies hair and all I can think about is what conditioner is he using? 

The bassist Turlough, and drummer Charles hit the first song “Different Kind of Crazy” hard with a confident funk riff. Frontman Tommy, on the guitar, swells the intro to a crescendo of retro rock sound! The crowd is pumped up and we’re only twenty seconds in. They follow this up with an equally upbeat track “Doctor’s Note”, their first released song. For a song that came out of a jamming session when they initially got together, it's a beautifully clean and catchy opener.

Halfway through the set, they cool off with “Who Am I to Say?”, a melancholic song of self-reflection, pity, and an artist's struggle. What it lacks in buoyancy it makes up for in passion, as lead singer Tommy shares a delicate piece of himself with the room. 

bluebound band brighton green door store review music gig

Unexpectedly they jump into a charismatic cover of Tainted Love. I’m happy to hear they stick closer to the 1962 original Gloria Jones version than the ever more popular electro cover by Soft Cell. The classic song is a bold cover that gives nowhere to hide and it’s a risk, but it pays off massively. BlueBound hit every beat with their own edgy expression, which sends the crowd wild! And if you didn’t find yourself being thrown about the cobbled dance floor before - you do now. 

The band's retro bluesy approach to modern rock is refreshing, and to see a local band with a clear stylistic direction is hopeful. If you like ‘The Black Keys’ or 1990s Garage/blues rock such as ‘Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ you’ll want to listen to this promising trio.

Thanks to BlueBound and The Green Door Store for giving me an unforeseen, but totally necessary fun midweek boost!

Written by Grace Ison

Disclaimer: The ticket was given to Grace in return for this review, but her opinions are her own!