Review: Body Fuel Café, Hove

Hove is slowly but surely seeing an increase of good quality eateries, with the likes of Flour Pot Bakery, The Urchin, Fatto a Mano and Cafe Chilli being real gems. Compared to Brighton, however, it's seriously lacking in the lunch department.

I work in Hove and my main options to choose from for lunch are Tesco, Bagelman, Subway and the Co-op. There really isn't a great selection, especially if you're trying to choose healthy options.

The team at Body Fuel Café have seen this as a great opportunity to open their first UK venue. Originating in Australia, they've moved back to the UK and set up their first café in Hove with the goal of bringing good quality, healthy ingredients to the area at a reasonable price.



Body Fuel Café is based on the design of a "fuel up" bar. The main colour scheme is white and green, with a bare brick wall running along the side of the café. A little garish for my taste, however it conveys exactly what Body Fuel Café are all about.



Body Fuel Café have a good selection of smoothies on offer. We opted for a 'tropical delight' and a 'not naughty, definitely nice'. The tropical smoothie is made with orange, honeydew melon, mango, passion fruit and lime juice. It was gorgeously fruity and really refreshing!

The not naughty, definitely nice smoothie was chocolatey, and reminded us of a chocolate bar but we couldn't settle on which one! This is made with almond milk, banana, nut butter, raw cacao, vanilla, honey and cinnamon. You can choose to have this with protein powder or without.

Both smoothies are priced at £4.95 and the serving size is pretty good! They're made with real fruit, no juices, meaning you really get what you pay for.


There's a good amount to choose from to eat at Body Fuel Café, including a great salad bar with meat, fish and veggie protein options, and a breakfast/brunch menu.


From the breakfast menu, which is served until 2pm, we chose avocado on sourdough toast with 2 poached eggs, with choice between rye or sourdough bread.

The smashed avocado was seasoned perfectly, with the added lemon giving it a tasty tang. The two eggs were perfectly poached, giving the ultimate yolk porn when splitting into them. If you're not a fan of poached eggs, don't worry, you can swap them for scrambled.

Although a seemingly average size portion, this really fills you up! It's also very well priced at just £4.50.


From the salad bar we opted for the dill and lemon marinated chicken for protein and sweet potato for the base. There's a large selection of options to choose from, with hot and cold bases, so you can enjoy salad all year round!

Included in the price of your salad are 6 items from the salad bar. Above I chose spinach, sweetcorn, tomato, onion, boiled egg and broccoli. There's also mushrooms, carrot and more to choose from!

The salads are priced between £6.50-£9.50 depending on your choice of protein and whether you want to double up! All protein is cooked fresh to order right in front of you, and the salad was seriously one of the best I've had. I've been back since this visit to grab one for lunch when I'm feeling healthy.


Overall, we really enjoyed our visit to Body Fuel Café. The customer service was excellent, the food was great with good sized portions and for what you get it's reasonably priced. We'll be recommending it to anyone looking for something different for lunch.

Written by Jess.

You can read more of her work on her blog or follow her on Twitter @jessandjoshcook!