Review: F45 Fitness in Brighton Central

Our Brighton Girl and certified fitness trainer Alice could not resist the itch to test the high intensity training at F45. She has reviewed for us before and it looked amazing (Click here for review), so we did not think twice to send her for a two week trial and find out all about training quality and atmosphere.

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Read here about her fitness experience:

The studio / Structure

F45 is originally an Australian concept which combines high intensity circuit training and functional training. The classes run all day Monday through to Sunday and last 45 mins except on Saturdays when it lasts a whole hour.

It is located right behind Brighton Station, on Fleet Street, it is easy to find and very central. The classes take place in one studio, with a range of equipment : rowing machines, kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands, boxes, mats...

There are 3 screens in the studio which show you the moves for each exercise. That way you're never lost! Also each spot has number pads next to them for you to follow.

As it is not far from where I live I could do the 6 am workouts. Although I first thought I am crazy to wake up so early on a weekday to do some high intensity training and I hated the idea for the first few minutes, I quickly got into it and felt full of energy afterwards ! It's a great way to start your day off the right track and feel positive.

At F45 no program is ever repeated, making every workout unique. Each session can fit between 27 and 36 team members depending on the class. The classes are usually quite full, but in the evenings at 7.30pm they’re smaller.

Atmosphere / instructor:

Very motivating atmosphere! The trainers I met are Jane, Harlem, Ben and Ellie. They were so lovely and super friendly, throwing a bit of banter which made it super fun. Their positivity made me want to push through the hardest exercises. At the end of each class the trainers give you a high five, which I love!

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What to wear

You will be sweating loads! Wear something light like leggings and a short top.

Fitness Level / Exercises

I am not going to lie, the classes are intense and difficult! I am very active and so weight lifting and high intensity exercises at least 5 times a week, yet after trying out F45 I realised there's so much I need to work on. However, it's good because it is a great way to spot your weaknesses and you can work ad build up from there.

I recommend you try a circuit class or a high intensity class at least once before trying F45 as the classes are rather full (if you go to the peak hours like 5.30pm) and the exercises are all about speed... be prepared! If you have not, no worries. You can progress through the classes and you'll get used to it fast, even if it can seem hard at first. Everybody and every body is welcome !

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Effectiveness / Fitness Level:

High intensity training burns a high amount of calories during the workout and after. It's called the after burn effect where your body is basically in shock so it keeps burning calories for a few hours following the session. This type of training is the best way to burn fat fast and transform your body. You're garanteed to get results! After only three sessions I felt I had so much more endurance and I felt a lot stronger, too.

The classes I have tried :

« Hollywood » : The first ever class I tried. It has a mix of both resistance training and cardio which makes it complete and the class was pretty booked so it added motivation! There was also a live DJ - How amazing is that!?

« Angry bird » : Resistance based workout focusing on your core, upper and lower body.

« 22 » : This one is a cardio killer! You work in pairs which is very motivating. We each had a spot and after 45 seconds of work we had 15 seconds to go to another spot and then switch to the previous spot and so on.

« Panthers » : A resistance based session - works your strength !

« Foxtrot » : Probalby the hardest workout I've ever done. I did it quite late at 7.30pm, we were only 4 people so it felt really personal and I loved it! It was a full-on cardio session, lots of burpees and sprints. Hard. But I felt amazing after!

« Brooklyn » : A mix between cardio and strength training.

« MVP » : A cardio based workout. You burn a very high number of calories during the session!

« Wingman » : Combining compound and isolation lifting, you work with a partner.

It all goes very quickly between each exercise, of course the rest period are usually short! But because I was new to it I found it tricky sometimes to figure which next exercise I was meant to do next. I guess it's something you can improve with time.

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Pricing / Booking

The prices are high and makes you think twice before commiting to it:

1 year unlimited rolling from month to month - £170/month.

3 month contract: £160/month

6 month contract :  £150/month

Drop-in : £20 per class

8 week challenge if you're not already a member: £375

However, the idea of having a 2 week trial for £20 is really fair, so go try it out !

They offer flexible times during the day, at 6am, 7am, 9.30am, 12.30 and in the evening 5.30pm and 7.30. On weekends the classes run in the morning.

My Round-Up:

The fact that you train with loads of other people forming a community is a super motivator – the atmosphere is amazing and unique. You train like a beast. After the workout you're probably going to think you suck, but believe me, even athletes find it challenging and that's what's interesting!

It seems like everyone is on the same level, there's no competition, no mirrors, it's all about yourself, the inner you! It makes you realise you are stronger and quicker than what you thought you were, and you'll see the power of the brain is incredible on the body.

I'm thinking of trying it for in January, as I'll be abroad end of December, that would be an amazing experience! F45 is quite addictive, you hate it while you're doing the workouts, but you love it at the same time and it definitely makes you want to come back !

Written by Alice-Rose Brard

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Disclaimer: This trial was given to Alice for free in return for this review, but her opinion is entirely her own!