Review: Ethical And Local Make-Up Products by Glow Organic

As a self confessed beauty addict, when I heard about a beauty company based in our hometown of Brighton I just had to find out more. Founded by Mel Jenkinson, the website of Glow Organic immediately pulled me in by its peachy cute asthetic and may I say, fabulous selection of products.

glow organic local ethical beauty products brighton girl

Mel is a tried and tested make up artist, so she knows her onions and has a keen interest in vegan products and no nasties goodies. Fed up of seeing products full to the brim of irritants and synthetics Mel decided to invest her time finding brands that represented what she wanted - good, quality, organic beauty and I do believe she has achieved it. 

I've spent the majority of my adult life either wearing make up, reading about make up or buying make up. If it isn't make up, its skincare and if there is just one lesson I can pass on to my girls it's this: Buy quality, by true organic and don't use products tested on animals! Ok...that was three things.

As I've gotten older (yes I'm 30 and I'm killing it) I've found that it's important to invest in products. This does mean spending more pennies but I promise you, your skin will thank you and it'll last. 

Here are the three products I have tested:


This. Smells. Divine. As I put it onto my face I can smell the grapefruit and Clary sage and I actually close my eyes in joy. Yes - it's that nice. Wearing a primer is something I never used to do as I thought it was pointless - oh how wrong I was (and I don't say that often). It definitely makes a difference to how long my make up stays on for and I like to think of it as a barrier to my skin and a way to protect it further.

Anyway this sinks in beautifully and I leave it for a few minutes as it plumps up my cheeks and gives me a fresh glow I am living for - I usually use a primer from too faced but honestly ? This might be a new favourite. 



So anyone that knows me knows that I absolutely love a highlighter - I live to glow. I was delighted to try out this beauty by australian brand Ere Perez. As it came out I didn't see as much on my hand and as it went on I was a little disappointed. I do have very, very fair dry skin so I figured perhaps this wasn't meant for lil’ milk bottle me, so low and behold I took to meet one of my girlfriends for lunch and used her as my guinea pig and YAS. QUEEN.

I had to share the photo with you. As you can see, those of you with more olive skin can pull this off well. It glows beautifully. I ended up giving her it and sticking to my usual Fenty Beauty highlighter but it's ok, I'm not mad. If you're fair like me I highly suggest the Fenty highlighter in either killawat or diamond bomb (if you can find it!). Or if you're looking for a more subtle, yet sweet highlighter for black skin I recommend the Anastasia Beverly Hills glow kit or the Huda Beauty golden sands highlighters - go for it, just avoid silver! 



Lastly, I tried a hynt beauty lipgloss which was sent to me, however I can't find it on the website. Perhaps it has sold out because it truly was luxurious. I'm not really a fan of lip gloss. This is possibly because recently I had hair that went down to my hips and when the wind blows it stuck to my lips in the most inconvenient way.

However, now that I've chopped it all off I am living for this shade called Libre. It lasted surprisingly long and the creme brulé style shimmer was gorgeous. If you're looking for something similar, may I suggest the Bobbi Brown High Shimmer in Bellini or the Stili Gliterati top coat in ignite - both stunning, both long lasting. 

All my products came quickly in a lovely little reusable branded cotton bag and I will definately be returning to them for some more goodies. In terms of make up - are there any particular reviews or recommendations you'd like to see? Fancy some tutorials ? Let us know by getting in touch! 

Happy painting! 

Words and Images by community manager Amy Smith

Disclaimer: The products were given to Amy in return for this review, but her opinions are her ow