Review: Jody Kamali, Komedia Brighton

As most of Brighton were out celebrating St Paddy's in true Guinness-fuelled pub party style, a few dozen of us were sat in Komedia's studio room waiting to be entertained by a "talent to watch" in the comedy world. 

The room was decorated like a jazz venue, with tables for groups and couples, and on the stage stood a large prop resembling a hotel reception.

With drinks on tables and a series of peculiar crops dotted around the room, Bristolian comedian Jody Kamali entered the room and "checked us in" to the hotel.

Jody Kamali Hotel Yes Please Review Brighton Komedia

The evening prevailed to be what any comedy marketer would describe as "interactive comedy". Kamali threaded together a number of hotel scenarios and demonstrated his versatile capabilities as an actor - his range of accents being a particular highlight.

Thankfully for Kamali, there were a lot of vibrant personalities in the audience who happily joined in with wearing chicken masks, black veils and all the bizarre scenarios that this hotel of his had going on.

One of whom played along with a scene so tremendously that he threw himself off his chair and onto the floor in a dramatic twist. Some of the audience members wondered if he was an actor encouraged there by Kamali - turns out he just fancied a laugh. 

It's the perfect show for groups and a show we can imagine a bunch of Brighton Girls would enjoy together. 

Whilst it has to be said that Kamali's material wasn't particularly original, we can't fault his showmanship and drive to ensure that everyone is having a great time. And for that, we'd recommend Jody Kamali to anyone looking for a great evening with friends.  

Brighton Girl