Skincare Review: Kimovi Gel and Cream With Salt

My relationship with my skin has always been a bit of a roller coaster. Ever since I was a teenager, I've been obsessed with my skin, constantly analysing myself in the mirror and comparing myself to clear-skinned models in the anti-acne TV adverts. Hands up - who else got annoyed because the models already had perfect skin?!

I describe myself as a gal with combination skin - a mix of both oily and dry skin. I have never managed to gain full control over my oily-dry dilemma and, having tried and tested all of the high street anti-acne brands I have struggled to find a skincare brand that combats both at the same time.

Before using Kimovi - photos by  Kitty Wheeler Shaw

Before using Kimovi - photos by Kitty Wheeler Shaw


While looking up skin care brands, I got in touch with Hello Skin who recommended Kimovi, a brand that specifically tackles a range of skin problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. After deciding that it was the right brand for me, they kindly sent me Kimovi’s latest products to test and review. While using the products, I didn't change anything else that would effect the health of my skin, such as diet or make up.

The products themselves

Kimovi Gel with salt (a gel you apply at night before you go to bed) and Cream with salt (a moisturising cream you apply in the morning). Photo b y  Kitty Wheeler Shaw

Kimovi Gel with salt (a gel you apply at night before you go to bed) and Cream with salt (a moisturising cream you apply in the morning). Photo by Kitty Wheeler Shaw

Both the cream and the gel contain natural ingredients, namely Kigelia Africana from a tropical African fruit tree, and Sülbeck Thermal Salt, a mineral salt from Germany which is “renowned for its positive effect on skin health around the world”. I really like how natural these products are, so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and there are no pesky chemicals or colourants that you are unaware of.

First Impressions

I was really impressed with the packaging - it's simple, yet professional. I read the instruction leaflet before testing the product and found it a little unclear as to how to apply the gel and for how long - I'm so used to face washes and scrubs which use water that I wasn’t sure if I was meant to let the gel absorb, or use water to eventually wash it off. In the end, I went with my gut and let the gel absorb into my skin overnight - and it seems to have done the trick!

The Products in action

Kimovi Gel with Salt

I was quite surprised to see it was brown. I don’t normally connect the colour brown with a cleansing product, but then again, it is completely natural so it makes sense! The phrase 'a little goes a long way' definitely applies here; you need hardly any in order to cover vast amounts of skin and it absorbs very quickly.

When I first applied the gel, my face stung - the instruction leaflet does warn you that this can happen. Due to the high levels of salt and the contact with open wounds/damaged skin.. a bit of stinging is bound to take place. Apart from applying the gel on my poor nose after a nasty cold, this was the only time stinging occurred.

Kimovi Cream with salt

When I first applied the cream in the morning it was so soothing. It is a fantastic moisturiser and you can really feel the cleansing effect it has on your skin. I would recommend not applying the cream before working out as it tends to clump up a little if you sweat, I simply apply the cream after showering. Since using the cream, my skin has felt soft and even and I haven't suffered from any dry or cracked skin which is so different to my experience with general moisturisers and other creams.

I went away for a few days during the six weeks and accidentally left the gel and cream at home - boy did I notice! My skin didn’t go back to how it was before testing Kimovi, but I did get a few spots and my skin felt dry. This was a real sign of the positive impact the Kimovi products were having on my skin and reminded me of what my skin was like before I started using them.


I noticed the results of the product within the first 3 - 5 days of usage. It worked almost instantly for the dryness. I had no signs of flaky or cracked skin, and my skin tone seemed even - something I haven’t had in a long time. The redness around my spots and scars from previous blemishes also diminished within the first week. Although they didn’t disappear completely, they certainly weren’t red and angry like they were in the beginning.

Results after 3 weeks - photo taken by Fanny Beckman.

Results after 3 weeks - photo taken by Fanny Beckman.


After 2 weeks I met with friends I hadn’t seen for a few months. I told them that I wasn’t wearing any makeup and they couldn’t believe it! They even started inspecting my skin to see if I was lying. That really was a turning point with this product, because I felt confident enough to go out without make up and even got compliments on my skin!

Results after 6 weeks - photos taken by  Pippa Moyle

Results after 6 weeks - photos taken by Pippa Moyle

Towards the end of the six week test period, my skin is no longer dry and damaged nor that oily! I do still get some little spots - but they are manageable and not painful. I asked my boyfriend if he thinks the products have made an impact and he said that he can really see that my skin is a lot clearer. This is a big deal as he is very unobservant when it comes to appearance!

Would I recommend?

I would definitely recommend Kimovi’s gel and cream as a package, as they really work hand in hand. It has completely changed my skin tone, making it more even, and I no longer suffer with dry, cracked skin within a forest of painful spots.

It is an investment. The cost of the two products as a package is £39.58 as on the HelloSkin website, but don’t let the price put you off. Kimovi’s gel and cream with salt is a unique product which combats all kinds of skin conditions at the same time, as well as using natural ingredients from across the world to ensure you are not putting unnecessary chemicals on your skin. It is a long lasting skin product that actually works - so, for me, the price is worth paying.

Find out more about Kimovi products on the Hello Skin website.

Written by Imogen.

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