Review: Nando's New Sunset Burger

A couple of our Brighton Girls recently had the opportunity to give the newest addition to the Nando's menu a try ahead of it's launch. Excited to see what The Sunset Burger could bring to the burger scene in Brighton, they jumped at the chance.

Upon arrival, we were surprised to find out they had closed the entire venue for the event and hired a DJ to entertain us for the evening. We later found out this is a first in Nando's history and a handful of venues had closed across the country with queues around the block to see what the hype was all about.

The friendly and engaging staff seated us in the bloggers corner and, excited by what was to come, we put in our orders and filled our bottomless glasses to the brim with fizzy drinks. For £10.95 you can pick any two regular sides to go with your burger, so we went for an order each of chips and coleslaw, a classic choice.

The Sunset Burger consists of two chicken thighs sandwiching melted cheddar cheese, red pepper chutney and baby spinach, all packed into a soft roll and served to your liking with your favourite level of heat.

With a sweet edge to the red pepper chutney, this South African inspired burger gets your taste buds tingling with an array of contrasting yet complementary flavours, although we did think that this sweetness could afford you to be braver with your heat choice and up it to Hot!

The Sunset Burger is an excellent contender for our new favourite on the Nando’s menu, but bear in mind it will be messy if you do try it out! With so much going on underneath the bun, a fair bit of the filling managed to find its way onto our plates (not to mention our hands).

So, can The Sunset Burger contend with the top dogs of Brighton's burger scene? As one of the best chicken burgers we've tried so far, we'd say it definitely has a fighting chance.

This is a collaborative post written by Jess and Sammy.

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