Review: Smashburger's Brighton Opening

The burger lovers amongst us at Brighton Girl Mag held our breath when we heard whispers of a brand new American burger chain hitting the city. Sure enough, Smashburger confirmed that its second location in the UK was indeed to be Brighton.

Claiming to help the nation "burger better", Smashburger promises a fresh approach to their burgers by smashing patties down onto the grill in order to lock in flavour, boldly claiming this approach makes "the tastiest burgers on the planet".

When an opportunity to try out Smashburger for free was offered to the public, we jumped at the chance to see whether they make a worthy contender for the best burger in Brighton!

Based along busy North Street, Smashburger stands out with its sleek, slate grey appearance and bold logo. Inside, the interior is in keeping with the first impression with cool red and grey, exposed brick walls and low hanging lighting.

A popular theme amongst restaurants no doubt, the space feels clean and cool as opposed to some of the more garish American style restaurants.

We ordered Smashburgers and BBQ Bacon Cheeseburgers, Smashfries and sodas, taking seats in a booth upstairs to await the arrivals.

On first impression the food looked great, but a few bites in told us this just was not to be. The beef patty was thin and lacked any tenderness, with the overwhelming flavours coming instead from the bacon and BBQ sauce.

The cheddar cheese somehow went undetected altogether, and the haystack onions instead formed one inessential mound. The Smashfries, however, were crispy and addictive, seasoned with olive oil, garlic and rosemary and the only saviour to the entire experience.

Smashburger unfortunately lacked the wow-factor we’d been expecting from all of the build-up. The burger scene in Brighton is hard to beat and with Smashburger being an American chain, it seems that they need to take a look at their competitors before claiming to make "the tastiest burgers on the planet".

Based on our experience, Smashburger seems to be little more than an adequate fast food chain charging a premium price. If we’re totally honest, we would get more enjoyment from a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Written by Sammy Paget.

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