Review: "Spartan Girls" Class At Fitnesshub, Brighton

Our Brighton Girl and certified fitness trainer Alice could not resist the itch to test a female-only class at Fitnesshub for us. She has reviewed for us before and it looked amazing (Click here for review), so we did not think twice to send her and find out all about training quality and atmosphere.

fitnesshub brighton girl review


Fitnesshub is an independent personal training and gym studio right next to café Plenty on Circuit Parade. So, you can perfectly connect working out with getting your brunch after. Despite Google maps advising on a 12 minute walk from the station to Preston Circus, it took me 8 and it is 5 minutes away from London road shops, therefore very central. It is a fully equipped gym, that also offer sports massage therapy.


The class I tried out was the Spartan Girls class, delivered by a super friendly trainer, Hannah, who also competed in a Bikini comp a few months ago. ‘Spartan Girls’ is a circuit class with a blend of weight lifting and functional training. We worked in pairs and did a couple of circuits, which included 5 stations with 2 exercises per station.

fitnesshub brighton girl review

We exercised for 1 min per exercise, no rest between exercises and stations and switched with our workout partner after each exercise. This full body workout was a mix of traditional weight lifting and had a range of different weights at each spot, so no worries if you can’t do a 7kg shoulder raise, you can still pick up the 4 kg one. All levels are welcome !

We did some reverse lunges, squats, squat jumps, shoulder raises, bar push ups, rowing and used the sled which is amazing for your legs and glutes while also challenging your cardiovascular system! The very last circuit we did was super fun as the trainer called out a couple of us each time to go and do some battle ropes and flip the tyre outside right in front of the studio, while the other girls were planking and squatting!

The whole session was 45 mins, just perfect and efficient enough. We were a small group and this made it feel like a small community and very personalised. Hannah is always around to help you out and correct your technique and I really enjoyed the fact that it was an all girl workout. It’s different as you feel like you’re training with a fitness sisterhood - how cool is that?!

fitnesshub brighton girl review

It’s very friendly and fun to work out there and it feels very intimate and personalised, I met the trainers and owners and they’re cool, chatty and professional. It definitely makes me want to go there again soon. They’ve got a storage room to drop your bags and coat. Unfortunately there’s no showers on the spot, but it’s honestly not that much of a big deal. You’re here to work and sweat and have fun, and given it’s central and located near bus stops, you can just have a warm shower at home.


The fitness studio is also a coffee and juice bar, perfect to keep up with your healthy habits after a good workout. Fitnesshub also has another studio by Preston park called FitnesshubPlus, which is a class based gym with 3-4 classes every single day. The studio can also be used for personal training and open gym sessions.


Any sports leggings and top should do!

PRICES :      

Classes-Only Membership - £60 per month

Black Membership - £35 per month.

Full gym access; 7am - 5pm - Mon-Fri.

Silver Membership - £25 per month

Off peak gym access; 11.30am - 5pm-Mon-Fri.              

Platinum Membership - £225 per month                

2 x PT sessions per week. 2 x classes per week. Full gym access

Gold membership -£125 per month

1 x PT session per week. 1 x class per week. Full gym access

Classes they offer:

Spartan Men, Spartan Girls, Spartan Hybrid, Lift 360, Resilience, Foundations

Check their class timetable here.

Written by Alice-Rose Brard

Images by Fitnesshub

Disclaimer: The class was given to Alice for free in return for this review, but her opinions are her own.